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Daily—49ers shirts are here

Appreciate your support and patience.
Spent the night packing all the orders. Yours will be on its way first thing in the morning.

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This certainly shouldn’t have been my first drink in the morning. Too much sugar, not enough caffein.


First generation “Nest” thermostat.

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Work, work, and work. 121613-5 121613-8 121613-11

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I’m not sure how you guys perceive the scale of Imaginary Zebra to be. We don’t own warehouses nor house a dozen staff.

I still work out of my house and ask friends and family to help out when it comes the time to ship a big order. We’re small, but resilient and mobile. We like the way we grow and we keep each process very personal. This may not be the ideal way for a business, but it’s just the way I like it for Imaginary Zebra.

Nicole’s cousins came to visit from Singapore. And of all things they could’ve spent their time doing, they came by and helped. Big thanks to Nicole, Marcus, and Cheryl Chelsie for giving us a hand.

500+ shirts, done. 121613-13

My broskie, Allen, has always been my right hand man ever since his high school days. He spends most of his time away at Santa Cruz now, but I sure felt pumped to have him working along side with me again when he’s back for break.


Lastly, big hugs to Daniel(in his zombie impression) and Michelle for helping me out when in need. 121613-16

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Late night snack—Denny’s121613-17
They have some bomb Oreo milkshake.


Cheese burger with fried egg. Waaah?!121613-20 121613-21

Done for the day.
More packing, shipping, and working in a few hours.

’til tomorrow,


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