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Platform Bed

Feels good to sleep on a bed you build yourself.

Woodworking is a new hobby that I’ve picked up recently. What attracted me the most about woodworking is its freedom for creations—It’s like Legos for adults. Plus, you get to actually utilize the end product.

I’ve built desks and shelves before, and I was eager to try something bigger.With the family growing, I thought it was time for a larger bed.

The original plan was to upsize a queen to a king. But ended up doing a queen + twin xl combo—the ultimate combo, an area so wide you can play sports on it.

Start of the build:

I use 1×4 boards for the top & bottom frame, then use 3/4″ ply for the structure.

The plan was to build two large boxes that’d form an “L” shape and use 1×4 as spines for the remaining area to hold up the mattress.

This was my first time building drawers. 
It was not pretty. (I fixed the uneven drawers because it was causing spacing issues for the pull-out.)


Ran out of large sheets of plywood for the drawer face, so I joined pieces instead using scrap plywood. 

Painted the frame white. 


Stained the drawer face and applied a coat of gloss polyurethane. (I like both semi-gloss and gloss finish depending on the project. This one’s more of an experiment and thought I’d try the gloss look)  


We have a pretty tall queen size bed to prevent our dogs from jumping on the bed. It’s not the most pleasant looking setup.

Removing the old bed.


Setting up the new: 

Almost done.


BAM: Optimizing the space below our tall bed by installing eight 25x25x8″ drawers. Plus treating a space as cave for the dogs. 




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