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Daily—49ers Shirts, Blank Desk, Shotgun, Secret Santa

I didn’t mention it in every post, but this is the 4th day I’ve spent packing.
First were the pillows. Then, the shirts came in. Soon followed by more pillows. When the process becomes repetitive and boring like my daily pooping ritual, I’d skip over that part of the day in my post.  Holiday season’s been busy. It should be merry, but a little part of me, deep down, is complaining about how much time it also requires to fulfill those orders. I don’t do the packing alone, but I do partake a great deal of it. Not only does it consumes a tremendous amount of time, it’s also got high opportunity cost.

Solution seem simple—I should hire someone. But first, I gotta overcome the challenge of trust. Sounds like a suitable resolution for 2014.
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The morning sun. Woke up early in the morning not feeling like P-Diddy (is this joke too outdated?).

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The sea of t-shirts.

Marvin (MightyMK) is the collaborator I work with for all the past sports series apparel. 121713-9
We’re the dynamic duo when it comes to shirt packing. This has been the drill—we communicate and pump out designs through email and meet for the first time over the course of the project when the products are ready to pack and ship. There’s no better way to bromance than facing half of a thousands shirts together and sending them out to our supporters. That’s right.

121713-4 121713-5 121713-6

The “Farewell Candlestick” edition made specifically for the 2013 season. More info & design process here121713-8 121713-3

More packing.
121713-12 121713-13

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Packed some more.

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First break of the day deserves cereal. I’ve gotten into these Graham Cracker ones from Safeway, and I’d say it is now one of my favorite along side my top choices—cinnamon toast crunch, and kellogg’s corn flakes (keepin’ it OG).

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This tends to be the result of a productive work session.
But once the work’s done and as I take a step back, the messy desk just begins to irritate me.

10 minutes later.

I like my desk just the same way I like my canvas—blank. Or at least blank to begin with. Then, I’ll see the evolution and the growth of stationary items scattering across the desktop as I progress with a project. Once I’m done, I’ll clean up the desk and make it ready for the next task on hand.

Came across these while cleaning—The collab between flipitsf and I.
121713-19 121713-20
Easily one of my favorite projects of all time.

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Daniel was the chef of the night.
It’s a mix’d bowl of epicness, containing noodle, dumpling, fish fillet, eggs, and tofu.

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Swung by Margaret & Lu’s place and ready for our annual draw of secret santa.
But first…

As we walked in the room, Lu’s getting familiar with the latest addition to the family—a $500 shotgun, whose name’s escaped me.

It takes one of these bullets. 121713-23
This. Will. Fuck. You. Up. Without a doubt. I’d print this picture and paste it on my front door for its theft proof feature.

Daniel has had quite a load of experiences with guns for his biggest hobby back in Taiwan was War Game, a sport in which the participants eliminate the opponents by hitting them with pellets from airsoft guns. Aside from people don’t die from getting hit, it’s pretty much dead on real world combat situation. One requires strength, tactic, and most certainly courage to win. You puss out, you lose.
Look how the pro holds the gun.

121713-26 121713-27 121713-28

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Secret Santa drawing.
There are 8 of us. We don’t know who’s gotten who, but it’s always fun to guess and predict along the way.

We meet again on the 23rd bearing gifts for the one that we chose. 121713-29

That’s wrap.
And dam, 330AM.



’til tm,

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