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Daily—AggieTV, CREAM, BeSeen Magazine

Documenting every aspects of my day turn out to be too time consuming and laborious. (no shit.)
Plus, I don’t learn much of myself from all the fluff I wrote, neither.  So I’m now in the process of trimming the fat for each post and preserving the highlights. Simply put, I’m forcing this blog on a workout.

I’ve done a lot of driving today.

The recent chill in California is no joke. Especially with the inland dryness of Davis, I was able to see some frozen floors around 2:30PM in the afternoon. I’m already freezing my ass off here in sunny state, the very thought of enduring the harsh winter of New York for this upcoming New Years is slowly vanishing.

I headed to Davis for a few reasons, here’s first:
Dropping off the collaboration shirts between UCD’s very own AggieTV and IZ.
120913-10 120913-8 120913-9

Quick lunch before the next event.
This is the reason I work out. I don’t expect to have any 6 packs, heck, even 4 packs. I just want to maintain the way I am after consuming these god-loving junk food. I held myself back today. I usually get double double with ANIMAL STYLE fries plus large drink. Animal style fries part of In-N-Out’s secret menu. If you havent tried, don’t. It’s like opening the Pandora box and there’s no return.

I’ve been an avid user of Audible, an audiobook company by Amazon.
It’s what’s been playing while I wait or drive. I’m a terribly slow reader, and having someone read to you while you’re doing something that doesn’t require full attention is the best invention since slice bread. You can speed up the narration, too (I’m currently at 1.5x). I’ve finished 4 books this past couple of weeks, and there’s no way I can finish that many books if I were to read them.

There are just 24 hours a day. No exceptions. People who do more each day focus on optimizing each minute instead of finding ways to squeeze out more time.

CREAM. It wasn’t until today that realize the letters stood for “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me.”

The man of the shop—Eric.120913-16
We go way back since high school. He’s a couple of years younger and back then, I only know of him through swimming and his collection of kicks. Time flies and now he’s the manager of the CREAM of Davis. One way or another, Eric’s certainly morphing into a man of responsibilities.

We talked briefly about the logistics of running CREAM and his routined daily schedule. While they serve ice cold vanilla ice cream filled sandwiches, it’s all blood, sweat, and tear behind the counter. Running a business is no piece of cake (or ice cream sandwich, in this sense).

But it’s beyond CREAM that really opened our chat box, we conversed about his new ideas and mine. Exchanging opinions on how one can run a brand. It was a productive session, but I can’t disclose much of what we said because many things are still in the works and I hate to be the guy that ruined the surprise. 120913-18 120913-19

Eric kindly offered the infamous line-waiting, jaw-dropping, mouth-drooling sandwich. I chose Vanilla, which has always been my favorite flavor, and he picked out the fresh out of oven chocolate chip cookies. It was pretty bomb. Even on a cold day. 120913-20

120913-22 120913-23

Picked up these X’mas lights from my parents (without them knowing). I wanted a bit more x’mas vibe for the house.  120913-24


Awesomeness: 120913-26
This is just the first of many decor.

Wrapping up the day with a virtual meeting with Karen and Jeremy for BeSeen Magazine.

We talked game plan.

We’ll be posting 6 items a day starting today.
If you like stuff and gadget like we do, here’s the site you should bookmark.

’til tomorrow,

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