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Daily—BeSeen Magazine, Gym, Book Cover

Dyam, I messed up.  I worked a bit more and procrastinated about sleep until 4 last night. Bad move.

Had a dream about being ambushed at my house and trying to save my friends from random explosions. Aside from that, I had a pretty good sleep. 120813-2

The Bay’s been having pretty chilly weathers recently. And desperate times call for desperate measures—Camp socks. 120813-3
Grabbed these from Urban Outfitters a couple days ago, 3 pairs for $24 (it’s more expensive than my wooden deer and kitchen clock combined), but boy are they comfy. It’s like wearing rabbits on my feet. That’s right.

Michelle was envious, so she grabbed one. And I let her. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Home made breakfast from Michelle. Salad, eggs, and ham. With our own thousand island dressing and banana milk. 120813-5120813-6

I usually pack the orders received over the weekend on Sunday and have them ship out to the supporters first thing in the morning when the offices open on Monday. I hate waiting for my packages to arrive so I try to eliminate as much wait time as I can for my own products. 120813-7

Desiree just ordered the 74/100 of the Pork Pie Hat print. There’s 25 prints left, then it’s the extinction of this print. 120813-11

All the prints comes with a vintage frame that I’ve collected over the years. I’d clean up the frame (but leaving just a bit of scuff) to keep the worn out aesthetic. It’s my favorite attribute of any product, having that character120813-12

After I inspect the print and frame, I’d seal, sign, and number the certificate. 120813-13

A proud product of Imaginary Zebra. 120813-14 120813-15 120813-16

That’s it. Then it’s off to the supporter. 120813-17 120813-18 120813-19

The doggies are always finding a way to take naps.

My Olympus EP2 with Rokinon 7.5mm f3.5 wide angle. 120813-21
Quick thoughts, review will come later on BeSeen Mag.
EP2: My first mirrorless. Got the body only for $200ish. It was a steal at the time and I pulled the trigger to get my foot into the micro 43rd’s door. The image quality for this camera is decent, at most. Horrible ISO performance and slow auto focus speed(at times when it’s not hunting). All and all, I was pretty disappointed with this guy. Then, my current EM5 arrived—Faith for Mirrorless restored.

Rokinon: Awesome lens. Got it for about $200. The 7.5mm is 15mm equivalent on full frame. It’s a manual focus lens, hence the bargain price. High quality plastic and metal construction; despite the low price tag, it doesn’t look cheap at all. Image quality is sharp. More photos will be posted.

Time to work. Today I’m focusing on a project I’ve been working on—BeSeen Magazine.
My partner and I want to showcase well design and quality products to inspire the readers to be design focused and create beautiful objects as well. Plus, we want to drive more traffic to the makers of these products as they deserve it.

More work.

A quick bite. This is noodle with the soup base from the Japanese instant noodle I got yesterday from the Fish Market.

Courtesy of Daniel. He knows how to cook, ladies. 120813-25

Quick break from work, time for workout. 120813-28

Ran 3 miles. Took almost 40 minutes. I was an avid runner when I decided to kick half marathon in the face. And I did, sort of. Then, I started slacking off.. It’s a shame. 120813-26 120813-27

I’m investing the calories burned wisely. There’s a supermarket neighboring the gym. Clever move, super market, clever move. 120813-29

Daniel has very very small hands. 120813-30

Back to work! 120813-32

Site’s almost in completion. BeSeen Magazine is a digital magazine showcasing a collection of well made products that people in the creative field would love.120813-31


Good thing I worked out. 120813-34

This is Shining. She didn’t end up getting any pizza. OVer time, I’ve learned the skill to stay immune from that innocent doggie face look. Shining, if you’re reading this, stop trying, you’re not getting pizza. 120813-33

Michelle’s working on her book cover, as prop for her grad show.

The doggies are now using my legs as heaters. Nope, they’re still not getting a slice of pizza. 120813-36

I jumped in and helped Michelle with some typography. 120813-37 120813-39 120813-40 120813-41

BAM. 120813-42

Look at that shading and highlight on that cloak!
120813-43 120813-44

I’m slowly getting a hang of this daily blog project.
It’s good to feel comfortable grabbing my camera and shooting everything where ever I go.

’til tm,

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  1. HI! I’m Daniel
    actually the soup is not form fish market even better!!!! you brought it from japan!!!!!!!!

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