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Daily—Bone Room, Christmas Tree

Today’s been fairly productive. However, I can’t disclose most of my work until it is made public by the clients. Fortunately, the highlight of my day isn’t the work at all. Instead, it’s the final touch up of our x’mas tree and an interesting shop Michelle and I discovered in Albany. The shop is appropriately named—Bone Room. (Not in a sexual way, you perv.)

New Balance VS. Puma
122013-1Solid and bold color shoes has been a my recent favorite. My taste in shoes was once very conservative—solely blacks. Then, in high school, I started skating and took my first leap into the realm of more colorful sneakers. I bought a pair of navy DVS skate shoes.

It wasn’t until college that I begin wearing something more vibrant. My first pair of “vibrant” sneaker was the Nike Dunks Hi “Boba Fett.” Though, it was olive green wrapped around a black pair of kicks, the tongue was bright yellow. It was badass and It’s still my favorite sneaker.

The Emeryville branch is one of the my most visited Starbucks.

I noticed couple weeks ago that they’ve switched the wifi from AT&T to Google. It’s much faster and more stable. Good choice, Starbucks. Suck it, ATT, you were the reason why I felt reluctant doing work at Starbucks. 122013-3

Once “accept & connect”, the open tab brings me to this page: 122013-4I typically “x” out whatever page it is that show up. Today happen to be different and I was impressed by how useful and well design the page actually is. The landing page cater towards each specific location, displaying local info such as news, weather, entertainment, and even transportation to the user. Bravo!
Quick lunch at Subway.
122013-6 122013-7

Swung by Albany City Hall for a few permit questions. Turn out they close at noon, and due to holiday season, they won’t be opened until Jan. Dammit.

While looking for another cafe to plant out work station, Michelle and I pass by a place name “Bone Room”. I recall a store we visited down at LA with a similar theme and it blown us away by the intriguing items on display. Thought we’d check out this one, too. 122013-32

A room full of bones. Bones of all kinds. Plus some other strange stuff. 122013-19 122013-11 122013-10 122013-12

A casted Dodo bird skeleton. It was $400 or $800, a figure that’s pretty outrageous for someone, like me, who doesn’t collect artifacts.
122013-13 122013-14 122013-15 122013-16

Rabbit’s foot.
122013-17 122013-18 122013-22

Oh fuck: 122013-24
I’d try to keep a distance with insects, but I’m especially terrified of spiders. I have what they call “Arachnophobia”. Even small ones you see at the corner of your house would freak me out. And if I see a spider the size of the one above, my knee would, most certainly, give out. Then, I’d shit on myself.

122013-23 122013-25

They have a live snake as well: 122013-26


1970’s really disturbing dolls. $2.50. 122013-21

Anyone interested in a toad purse? 122013-28 122013-29

Real human skeletons. 122013-27
Heard they were imported from India.

Giant fly? No?

How about a pregnant-with-an-infant key chain?
I wasn’t exaggerating about how intriguing this place is. Check it out, it’s on Solano. I wouldn’t take a girl to this place for the first date, though. Unless she’s as weird as Michelle (who bought the pregnant keychain).

Michelle touching up the x’mas tree.
122013-34 122013-36 122013-37 122013-38

Daniel testing out the new TV. So far so good. Incredible price tag. 47″ for $350ish. 122013-42 122013-39 122013-40 122013-41 122013-45 122013-48 122013-49 122013-43

This is, currently, the most beautiful object in the house. Downside is it’s making everything else relatively bad looking. 122013-44

Selfie. 122013-46

Mocha by Michelle. It’s delicious. And effective as a cup of joe.

Drafts for a recent project: 122013-50

I absolutely love working with my computer, but all my ideas initiate from sketches on paper. This is just a glance of many drafts I did for the project. More info soon.

’til tomorrow,



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