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Daily—Christmas Party

I did some slight rearrangement of my living room. Like the new chair setup?
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Celebrating Christmas early, since Michelle and I will be on our way to New York over the next couple of weeks. Perhaps it’s not the brightest idea to spend the winter at the Big Apple, when most prefer somewhere warmer, but this trip isn’t about keeping us comfy. It’s her grad trip and we want to go on an adventure to see the specular snow filled city of New York. I’m already thinking about what (cameras) to pack as I type.

Anywho. It all started last year, now playing secret santa between friends and family (and allen gifting socks to everyone) has become a tradition. This time around, the occasion turn out to be more festive with new addition to the family (Alex, my niece’s, first Christmas), friends from across the globe (Marcus, Chelsie, William, & Daniel), and even down to earth neighbors (Bryan, Gold, and Tsai). It’s one of the few times we get to spend time all together. And it was merry.

Margaret and Lu did a great job decorating their cozy crib. This is where it all went down tonight.

Potluck style.
122313-6 122313-8

The peeps, mini person, & doggies.
122313-9 122313-10

This picture..
Seems like it came from a different dimension.

This is Alex(andra)!
122313-43 122313-15

The time of gifts. Everyone’s favorite part of Christmas. Eating comes very close.

I got this set of mic for my Olympus OMD EM5! 122313-23

But for the longest time, I couldn’t figure out my secret santa…122313-22
Margaret be laughing in the back..
After guessing almost all the potential secret santa, I eventually figured it out..
Thanks, Gold, for the mic!

More joy and unintended surprises as people unwrap their presents. Love it.
122313-24 122313-25

Daniel’s pumped about his new kicks. 122313-26

I also happen to be Gold’s secret santa. Here’s my gift to him:122313-17 122313-18 122313-19

What made him so ecstatic?! 122313-20
“Sorry, bro. Your gift didn’t make it on time. I’ll give it to you tomorrow.”

I’m perhaps the most irresponsible secret santa out there. Sike.
I got the gift days before, and the tracking stated that it should be delivered today, prior to the event.
UPS failed me. And not just me, it failed to bring the smile to a friend’s face. Dammit, UPS.


A cup with a pixelated heart that would fill up when the mug contains hot liquid. Very cool. 122313-28 122313-29 122313-30

Bro got a bow. 122313-31

Will got a new jacket. 122313-33

Lu bought the boys pistols. How badass. 122313-34 122313-35

Even the doggies got gifts, too! 122313-38 122313-39

But tonight’s winner, the joy of all joyest moments belongs to Lu, who got 3 hokey tickets—Sharks VS Oilers, his home team. Big ups to Margaret for such incredible gift. 122313-41

The drinking begins.

People started to test out their presents. Doesn’t sound like a good idea when mixed with liquor, but hey, it’s christmas. 122313-32 122313-40 122313-45


Merry early Christmas, talk to you soon from NYC.

’til tomorrow,


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