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Daily—Just Keep Writing

Today’s one of those days where my determination’s being tested.
I’m exhausted and I’m already in bed. I start to come up with excuses to postpone my post.
-I have no idea what to write and captioning my day is just boring.
-I’ll definitely have a better idea on what to writing tomorrow.
-I’m too tired, I’ll regret over what I’m about to write.
-It doesn’t seem my posts are helpful enough for the readers. I should stop.
-What a waste of time, it takes a too much time and effort and I don’t think it’s helped me directly in anyway.
-I can just write when I wake up.

Blogging and writing is a method to show my persistence. It’s a tool that allow myself to stay present and live each day consciously. It’s an outlet to express my ideas and share my experiences. It doesn’t matter whether what I write is meaningful or entertaining. And what awaits at the end isn’t an award, a chance to go viral, nor ops to make an extra buck from advertisement (I have no ad on my site). I write for myself and I want to prove to myself that I can commit.

I’ve set my goal fairly low. I don’t have to write a thousand word like Stephen King does daily. All I have to do is just keep writing. It can be a few sentences to a dozen paragraphs. It can be about random craps or some insights about tin can packaging as long as I do this daily and keep it up.

So here’s to my commitment and determination.
I’m up and writing.

Following are pictures I snapped today.
I’ll let them do the talking because, at this moment, I’m just too tired to. (zzZ)
121513-1 121513-15 121513-3 121513-9 121513-20 121513-7 121513-14 121513-10 121513-22 121513-28 121513-32 121513-30 121513-31



’til tm,

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