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Daily—Los Moles, Tokyo Fish Market, Pre-X’mas

I sleep around 2 and wake up around 8. Waking up early not a habit of mine. I used to pick my college classes way past noon because I know I’d end up skipping them if they begin any earlier. But once I have these doggies (I don’t just call them dogs because they’re simply too cute for it), things have changed.

They wake me up daily around 8-815AM. And if I failed to do so, they’d pee on the carpet. And nothing sucks worse than cleaning the carpet with inch deep of pee stains. 120713-1
It’s now a routine between Michelle and I to take them out in the morning. The doggies would scratch the side of the bed or bark to annoy us. And whoever couldn’t bare the noise (or feeling generous) would take the dog out. Today, I’m the man for the job.

Picked this guy up from an estate sale, where people try to sell off everything from their home as they sell the home itself. It cost $2. or $1.50. It was a good deal for the clever design.

Quick work in the morning.
Ever since this one writer from Wired got hacked and lost his entire digital identity, I’ve begun using two step verification for almost everything. Products like Google Authenticator and Authy provides expiration based token for login. I’m not sure how much better this may be, but at least it’s not as easy to hack as single password credentials.

My place was raided by the army of ants.
I got rid of the food source, but they were persistent.
After about 4 rounds of complete annihilation, I got the situation under control.
I’m sorry, ants, but you don’t see me coming to your place and jacking all your food.  When you cross the boundary, you get the spray.

Quick trip to Staples for Michelle’s grad show.

Daniel came with. I have yet to take a less intense photo of him. 120713-8

Olive drab. Matte black rim. Dam, that’s a good combo. 120713-9

More work grind: 120713-10

I work at home most of the time. But every once in a while, I’d head out to local coffee shops to freshen up. 120713-12
I’m from East Bay, and here are a few spots that I enjoy:
-Four corners from Albany
-Actual Cafe from Emeryville
-Starbucks in general
-Tribu Cafe from Emeryville
-Cafe Pascal from Richmond

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I’ve just started heading out lately, so if you know any good ones around the East Bay, leave it in the comments. Much appreciated.
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Loving the Olympus EM-5 so far. It’s distracting me from work.

Jordan key chains. Came with the Jumpman prints.

Lunch. At the corner of 63rd and Hollis, there’s this place: 120713-15
Dinner menu.
120713-16 120713-18 120713-19

Their signature Mole Poblano. First time having mole and still have no clue what it is. But one thing I do know—it was good.

I’m a frequent customer of this place, and this is what I get most:
Carne Asada soft taco. Oh gosh, I’m drooling while I write this.


Just a bit up close, so you can drool with me.

On our way back home, Michelle and I swung by one of the places that we’ve always wanted to visit—Tokyo Fish Market from Albany.
120713-24 120713-25

The items look fresh, but the price is also premium.
120713-26 120713-27 120713-28 120713-29 120713-30

Sushi quality.120713-31

I think Japan does a terrific job branding itself as a nation. At least in terms of product quality. When packages are written in Japanese, I personally just perceive it as the good stuff, let alone Made in Japan. Does this make you feel that it’d taste better?120713-32

Plethora of instant noodle. Japanese instant noodle.  120713-33

Wall of Sake. 120713-34

After a good 5 minutes of selection, we have a winner: 120713-35 120713-36 120713-37

For some odd reason, we decided to take out the home karaoke machine for a quick jam session.

I’m not particularly good. But Michelle…

This is Alex, my niece.
This is how she responded to my stunningly gorgeous Olympus EM-5. She’s 2 moths old, and she’s got taste.


Margaret’s all set up for the holiday.

I, on the other hand, have just started:120713-43
Got this from a thrift store for $5. The head’s detachable. That doesn’t add to the value, but it’s pretty awesome.

The doggies are also set:

Got this in the mail.120713-45
I guess Costco’s doing wholesale insurance, too.

That’s a wrap.
Can’t think of an epic conclusion here, just another day.
Oh, I broke rule #1, from pictures to contexts, it took me 80 minutes to write this post. Dam it.

’til tomorrow,

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  1. you should check out the monkey forest road cafe in oakland! if you happen to go there try their lavender black iced tea!

    1. whoa, fancy name, will give it a try!

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