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Daily—Magic Kingdom

Location: Orlando, FL
Photo cred: Michelle & Benson
Camera1: Olympus OMD EM5
Camera2: iPhone 5s
Lens: Lumix 20mm f1.7

This post is certainly way past due.

After spending the New Years over at the Big Apple, we flew down to Orlando to enjoy some sun.
Turnout, thanks to the polar vortex, the average 70+ degree Florida weather was also affected, and greeted us with a 50ish chill topped with heavy clouds over the course of our vacation. Nevertheless, Disney’s still the happiest place on the Earth. The cold didn’t fade the active Mickey and Mini fan boys and girls.

Though, we slept around 4AM due the delay of flight and the drive, there’s no way we’d miss the complementary breakfast.
Even when they just offered frozen waffle and hard boil eggs.

After the meal and running on a 4 hour sleep, I could hear the bed calling my name. But at $90/day per ticket, time mustn’t be wasted.

They didn’t name this place the “world” for no reason. It’s consisted of 24 themed resorts, 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, and couple of other recreational venues. We’re talking about 25,000 acres. That’s a place about the same size as the city of San Francisco.
010314-3 010314-4 010314-5

The parking lot’s about 1.5 mile from the main Magic Kingdom entrance.
Once we got out of our car, we rode the shuttle, then the monorail just to get to the ticket booth.



Michelle didn’t really dig the tickets this time. 010314-7 010314-9010314-11

Right when you enter, you can ask for these free badges. You can earn them for a couple of occasions: Birthday, 1st timer, and anniversary. (I think)
010314-25It was indeed our first visit, but it’s still couple of weeks till our anniversary. But hey, all couples treat any day like an anniversary, right?

Michelle with her favorite: 010314-12
They share big ears. That’s the connection there.

010314-13 010314-15 010314-14 010314-17


One of the latest addition to the park is the “Be Our Guest” restaurant. The theme is having the opportunity to dine in the castle of the Beast (The beauty and the beast, Beast).010314-19 010314-20 010314-67 010314-69 010314-70

Disney’s in the process of making everything automated. We were directed to this room to place our lunch orders with a machine. 010314-73

We were given these rose sensors to place the order. 010314-72 010314-77 010314-76 010314-75

There were 3 main dining halls, each with a distinctive decoration. We were told to sit ANYWHERE we felt like, and they’d be able to locate us to bring us our dishes. So, the roses isn’t only a sensor to order, but a tracker as well to pinpoint our location. 010314-78 010314-79 010314-80

Fancy. 010314-82

The food was alright, though. About $10-15/person. 010314-83 010314-84


010314-86 010314-87 010314-89

Disney World also has an exclusive scavenger hunt game, where players have to grab the cards given by the staff (or purchased from their store) and utilize the map to search for “secret portals” hidden across the theme park. Very well designed (visually) but also very time consuming. It’s called the “Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom”.010314-22

At this point, the weather’s getting so cold that we had to purchase one of their fleeces to keep warm. If they had a stock for those fleece, I’d buy them in a blink. They were selling these like hot cakes, I think it was 1 of 10 people that pass me had one of these. Good thing the design’s pretty neat. 010314-23

I would’ve hated weather, but it did give me a chance to cuddle. Oh yes, fellas, it’s golden opportunity you see, especially for those on the first date. Once in a decade cold storm? Priceless.

Walt Disney is cool and all, but this guy is the man, Walt’s brother—Roy Disney. He sat quietly on the side bench of the main street next to Mini. Walt’s a dreamer, and Roy is the guy that bring that dream to life. He’s the business mind behind the Disney empire, he kept the company financially successful while Walt pursue his vision of a world that makes your wish come true. He’s the “How”, he’s the man.

010314-93 010314-90



Of course.010314-32

Especially stunning in the evening. 010314-37 010314-38


10PM firework, don’t miss it.
In fact, be there at 9:30PM, there’s a quick show starting at 9:45PM. 010314-54

One of the hidden portals.010314-57

Disney EDM?! Sure, why not. 010314-58 010314-59

Frozone pimpin’.
010314-41 010314-94 010314-95
Not us.


I wasn’t too good and was a little clueless, still a hero, though. 010314-99


Magic Kingdom doesn’t close till 1AM. Oh yea.
Quick snack. $5 for this infant sized corn on cob.



Coming to a close. We shipped ourselves a postcard from within Disney, giving us something to anticipate when heading back home. 010314-63 010314-64

Villains. 010314-65 010314-35

Tomorrow’s Animal Kingdom, the largest park of Disney World.

’til then,



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  1. OMG. The scavenger hunt must be new. I’m a FL resident and a frequenter of Disney and have NEVER seen that. Definitely trying that next time!

    PS Enjoy my hometown of Miami!

    1. Tell me how you like it once you’ve tried! And it’s quite a long game, seems impossible to beat it in one setting, being a frequenter of Disney gives you some advantage 😉

      p.s. I did, recap of Miami coming soon!