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Daily—New York City Day 2

Day 2’s itinerary—Wall st, Luke’s Lobster, SoHo, & Museum of Arts and Design.

Instead of the planned 9AM, we woke up at 12 PM. A clear sign that we’re still struggling with the East Coast time zone. There’s a long day ahead of us, so we left as soon as we finish our home made lunch breakfast.

If California is known for Silicon Valley, there’s no doubt Wall Street’s on top of the list in referencing NYC.

And as a model tourist, we had to at least swing by to take ordinary pictures of the good ol’ New York Stock Exchange buildings.  122613-4

The Federal Hall National Memorial.  122613-6

The (right shoulder plate of) Charging Bull. 122613-50The bull was surrounded with tourists. The vicious kind. A lady was close to starting a fight with another woman trying to get that Kodak spot with the Bull. It was too competitive, so we thought the image above was good enough.

A sudden change of the initial plan.

How intriguing:
Came across The Museum of NYPD while searching for our next destination. It’s about 1 minute walk from the New York Stock Exchange building.

-No fixed price ticket, donation welcome ($5’s the recommendation from the doorman).

The venue’s tiny, it’s more like a showroom, but packs a good amount of artifacts.

This is William, Willie, Sutton. He’s the John Dillinger of New York. He robs banks, a lot of banks.
Here’s the remark of Willie Sutton by NYPDM:
Willie Sutton grew up in Brooklyn and had a lengthy police record by the time he was in his early teens. From the 1920s to the 1950s Sutton was the nation’s most infamous bank robber, stealing over $2 million over the course of his “career”. He also displayed a talent for escaping from jails (three times). Willie Sutton is remembered for his answer to why he robbed banks. “Because that’s where the money is.” His last heist took place in Queens in 1950, and landed him in prison for 17 years.

And those things you see above, are his tools. Some hidden in carved out books.
What a badass.

The NYPD chopper.

NYPD items recovered from the 911 ground zero site. 122613-11 122613-12 122613-13

This is the face of the infamous “Scarface.”122613-14

And this..122613-16
is the actual genuine Frankie Yale murder weapon, the Thompson Submachine Gun. S/N 5116.

Seal of NYPD from late 1800’s.

The seal today.
122613-21 122613-22

On our way to lunch! Looking for Luke’s Lobster joint.
122613-23 122613-26

…only to find out:
122613-27Close till Jan 1st.
Fear not, they have multiple locations and we’ll be going to the one near Brooklyn bridge.

So, instead, we’ll be enjoying ourselves at Adrienne’s Pizza Bar.
Another subtle storefront. This time in the alley of financial district.

122613-44 122613-32 122613-33

As oppose to a round pie, they serve them on a rectangular platter.
They’re NY thin crust, so it’s good for about 2-3 people per pizza. 122613-34
The pizza is $21 for the base, and each additional topping is $2-7.

We got old fashion pizza base.
With the additional topping of: Basil, mushroom, and meatball.
Total comes out to about $30/pie. It’s relatively expensive, but so very worth it.

Gosh dammit, just look at this.

Hate to show these to you in the evening… Sike. I love it. Now suffer.
122613-39 122613-40

To our next spot! Michelle was excited.

Did a little pole dance, too. 122613-48

This is how crowded SoHo usually is. This, was Christmas day.

Too much people, so we went in and out.
I grabbed these gloves from Uniqlo to keep my hands from falling off. Best $10 ever spent.

On the run, again!

Columbia Circle.

Last place for the day—Museum of Arts and Design122613-60


Thursday night’s pay-as-you-wish night. 122613-61

Current exhibit—Out of Hand—materializing the postdigital. Mainly lots of 3D printers with lots of 3D printed objects. 122613-76

2nd floor around the corner was a full body scanner:
122613-65 122613-68 122613-69

And they’d end up making mini sculptures like these. They didn’t do it for the night, though.122613-66

The potential of 3D printing: 122613-72 122613-73 122613-74 122613-75

Floor 3. Sculptures not by 3D printers.
122613-79 122613-78 122613-80

One of my favorite series from the exhibit. Ceramic. 122613-83 122613-84 122613-85

Before we continue on floor 4,5, &6. We went up to their 9th floor restaurant—Robert, for a quick break.
122613-91 122613-88

Live music. 122613-87

We weren’t in the mood for eating, so ended up having a couple coffee, which were as delicious as expected. 122613-89 122613-90

The view from the 9th floor of MAD was spectacular. 122613-86

6th floor’s the artist studio. The green room.
122613-96 122613-94 122613-93 122613-95

Guest of the night—Takuji Hamanaka.122613-99

Known as the woodblock print maker. 122613-98 122613-100 122613-101

Floor 4 & 5. More 3D printed products. My mind was blown for a couple of times. 122613-103 122613-105 122613-106

The Rapid Racer is the world’s first fully functional vehicle to be 3D printed in one piece.

Made of 3600 layers of ABS plastic, it took 10 days to complete. It’s motorized by a cordless power drill. Holy crap.

122613-112 122613-113

Coolest shirts. 122613-114 122613-115 122613-116 122613-117 122613-118

Sorry, I had to. 122613-119 122613-122 122613-127 122613-128 122613-129 122613-130 122613-131

This one is particularly brilliant. I couldn’t make out what it was until I read the description. 122613-133
This is a piece by Wim Delvoye.

It is a truck rendered entirely in the visual language of Gothic Architecture. Do you see it now?

This is a project by USC:
122613-142A concept model of a large scale 3D printer that uses cement as key source of material to build houses in one piece. They’re expecting to build a full house in one day.

This one’s quite interesting, too: It is a family tree of a generic chair and designer chair.

122613-145 122613-146

They made a small mistake here. 122613-147

3D printing is the future. Soon enough, it’ll be affordable for everyone to make their own personalized products. They just need to find a way to integrate circuits and wires, then we can start building electronics and start another industrial revolution. And boy, would there be a lot of waste.

Heading home.
122613-151 122613-157 122613-158 122613-160

My forehead was cold. 122613-164

The OG UGG Gang. 122613-166

It ain’t cheap eating out, so for this trip, we’ll be making some of our meals. 122613-167

So many places to visit, so little time.

’til tomorrow,



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    1. Tell me where to visit, I’ll try to bring back some memories

      1. Bushwick is a fun artsy neighbor hood. Try Planet Doughnut and The Meatball Shop 🙂

  1. Take a trip to see the graffiti off the Morgan L train stop in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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