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Daily—New York City Day 3

Dammit, woke up late again.
I’ve tried waking up early, but my right hand was terrific at snoozing the alarm.
If I get a dime for every alarm snoozed, I’d be popping champaign and blogging all day.

Skipped breakfast and went straight to lunch.
Today’s restaurant—Katsu-Hama. 122713-13

They’re on E 47th st, along side 5th avenue. 122713-14 122713-12 122713-2 122713-3 122713-4

You gotta grind your own sesame. 122713-5 122713-6

Being my first time here, I didn’t know the protocol of setting up the sauce.
So while I was half way through grinding the sesame, I asked one of the close by waiter about the procedure.

And instead of verbally explaining each step, he just started pouring a near by liquid into my half-finished half-ungrind bowl of sesame.

A voice in my head says “da fuck?!” as my premature sesame drowns in the sauce.

Anyway, here’s the result: 122713-8
You’ll be pouring your own dressing, too. 122713-7
Which seem alright, except if you’re Michelle.
As she was pouring the dressing onto the salad, for some odd reason, she managed to empty half of the bottle on my phone, too. (Disclaimer, my phone was not on the salad.)

She explained that the opening of the bottle was too large. I suppose that matters. So for those that are visiting, pour cautiously. The bottles got big holes.

According to Yelp, they’re known for their Katsu Curry. And indeed, it’s fucking fantastic. 122713-9
The plate’s about $13. It’s only got 5 pieces of pork fillet. The portion’s disappointing, but the taste did make up for it. Crispy on the crust and tender on the side. mmMmm. The curry is slightly spicy, very well balanced with the fried fillet.

122713-10 122713-11

Tiffany & Co, home of the little blue box.

I went to poop and left Michelle in the store browsing.
When I came back, Michelle was furious about one of sales lady giving her a lot of attitude.
She even posted it as a status on facebook. Shit just gone real.

“我正在看一排一樣款式但由小排到大的圓形單鑽項鍊(玫瑰金),我客氣地像其中一位離我最近的saleslady (coincidentally, she is Asian as well. ) 詢問:May I check the necklace? The first one on the left. 她面無表情地睥了一眼標價,眼神直視我,語調像機器人一般的說:4xx dollars. (Excuse me, did I ask for the price only? Do I look like I am too poor for this place?) 我沒發飆,繼續心平氣和地問她隔壁那條呢?(the bigger one) 她依舊是直直看著我說7xx dollars. 我很想問他我是不是有欠她錢,隔壁櫃剛好是一樣款式但不同材質,是k金。 我問她價錢是否有差距(Is there a price difference between them?) (玫瑰金和金)? 她面無表情眼神冷淡直視我說:4xx, 7xx, 9xx dollars.
我也冷淡地看著她的眼睛說:thank you so much. 她擠出一個非常討人厭又虛假的微笑,就走了。”

122713-15 122713-16

Instead of buying her something random (and might eventually buying her something that I actually really want, like a camera) I told her that we can shop for her gift while in New York. With a given budget, of course.
After a series of store hopping and hunting for her favorite thing, she chose Tiffany. 122713-18

Though, Michelle’s not an avid fan of Tiffany, she happened to find the ideal gift from the store. Something simple, subtle, yet elegant to the eye.


Happy girl, happy life. 122713-20

MoMA. You know I was gana visit this place.

Friday’s free night. And free means this:
122713-23The line stretched around the building the across the block. It took us 3 minutes just to walk to the end of the line.

Continue to wait in line.

40 or so minutes later, we got the ticket.
It seems like Uniqlo paid for everyone’s ticket on Friday nights. What a boss. 122713-26

We spent about 2.5 hours in the museum and here are my favorite pieces:

122713-29 122713-30 122713-33 122713-34 122713-35 122713-36 122713-27

122713-37 122713-40 122713-42 122713-41 122713-43 122713-44 122713-45

A self-portrait. Depicting one self with a series of brands and logo one uses. 122713-46 122713-47 122713-48 122713-49 122713-52 122713-54 122713-55

A special exhibit of the work from Rene Magritte.

Too bad no photos allowed.

Here’s what I think of his work. 122713-64

[su_heading]7:47PM[/su_heading] 122713-61 122713-63 122713-67 122713-69 122713-70 122713-71

Back on to 5th avenue.

It was chilly and the smell of these hot sizzling chestnuts stopped us.

We know street vendors can be a bit pricey, so Michelle and I settled on a reservation price(highest price we’re willing to pay) for these. The conclusion is $5. We approached the chestnut man and ask him how much for a bag. He said $4. We’re ecstatic because it’s 20% cheaper than how much we’re willing to pay.

We happily got a bag.

Then, our jaws dropped.

This. is. the. size. of. their fucking bag.

For $4?! WAHHHAAT?!


Recommended by Michelle’s friday Peggy and Jason: Bon Chon Chicken! 122713-82

They just got married in Nov, congrats! 122713-80 122713-79 122713-78

122713-91 122713-84 122713-86 122713-87

Today’s souvenir.
122713-75 122713-76

Gotta sleep soon, plan to wake up at 8AM to snipe for the release of the Jordan bred I.
Wish me luck.

’til tomorrow,



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  1. MOMA很帥! 上次我在古根漢美術館遇到Lucy Liu (劉玉玲)

    拿到Tiffany的小盒子太幸福了 你門兩個都分別拿到一個 (我通常都拿到costco的盒子)

    豬排飯太犯規了! 逼逼!!