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Daily—New York City Day 5

Almost spent a week here in New York, and while I’m out exploring from one spot to another 8-9 hours each day, I’ve only seen the tip of an iceberg. New York’s grand, and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it here. (except when it rains. like today.)


Bookyn Flea (Antique collections & indie products) + Smorgasburg (food, food, food)
Free admission, happening every weekend. It’s a hybrid between Renegade/Bazaar Bizarre and an antique flea market. Things are slightly pricier than expected.

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Sleep No More. It’s an experimental theater offering an one-of-kind theatrical experience. It’s hands down one of the coolest events that I’ve been to.
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It took place in a hotel—The McKittrick Hotel.
It was New York City’s finest and most decadent luxury hotel of its time, but it was permanently sealed from the public after the outbreak of World War II. 7 decades later, the ground behind Sleep No More renovated it and reopened it specifically for the performance. 122913-52

Our tickets: 122913-100 122913-99

Sleep No More is the modern spinoff of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  The plot and the atmosphere is suspenseful and well crafted, but the most interesting part is that they allow the audience to move freely within the hotel as the show goes on. There are multiple actors and actresses, and you can follow any of them at any given time to spectate their perspective of the story.

During the show, each of the audience was asked to wear a mask. And we’re told not to speak a single word. They encourage spontaneity and adventure. 122913-101

No photography allowed during the performance.
I would’ve been too busy chasing the performer anyway.

$90/ticket. Worth it.


Caught a glance of the High Line right before they’re closed for the night. 122913-54 122913-65 122913-61 122913-58 122913-59 122913-60

I left my heart at Chelsea Market.
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Lobster Place & Friedman’s Lunch 122913-75 122913-73 122913-76 122913-77
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Couple of days left in New York, gotta make the best of it.

’til tomorrow,



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