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Daily—New York City Day 8

Today’s fairly short, for I’ve spent most of the day in bed recovering from New Year’s Eve.
Last evening in NYC, visited a couple more restaurants and bought last minute souvenirs for friends and fam.


Wanted to wrap up the trip with one of New York’s most remarkable ramen joint—Totto Ramen, but only to find out that it’s closed for Jan 1st. Our fault for not planning for the holidays accordingly. Guess I’ll just have to revisit NY.

Being desperately cold and hungry, we ended with a Japanese restaurant next door, whose name I shall not disclose because I do not recommend this place. Although, the visuals of the dishes are fairly decent.
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I got Katsudon, which was alright. Michelle got Oyakodon and was terribly disappointed.
I only took a bite of the chicken from her dish and let’s just say it’s slightly juicier than a piece of plywood.
She complained about the order as soon as we walked out of the place. Without getting into much detail and keeping this post PG-13, her conclusion was that it should be deem unethical serving food of such quality.


Back at Times Square. Pieces of confetti lingers along the sidewalk are signs of what was a lively New Year’s Eve. But nothing else has changed, still heavily congested with people like any other day.

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Times Square Toys”R”Us—The most flamboyant of them all.
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Kunjip Restaurant—opens 24 hours. Food was decent. And didn’t we just eat? Yes, we did, but that ain’t stopping us. 010114-33 010114-34 010114-35 010114-38 010114-37 010114-40


I’m a little to full to type the last words.
Tomorrow’s the last day of the trip, will try to make it a good.

’til tomorrow,



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  1. My first meal in NY was Totto Ramen, right off the plane. So worth a return. 🙂 Do it!

    1. I went, but was closed. : /