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Daily—Tech Rehearsal, Super7, Super Burrito

Michelle’s having her graduation show, also known as the self revelatory performance (self-rev), tomorrow.
Today’s the rehearsal day for Michelle. She’s gotta nail it.


First thing’s first—breakfast.
For champions. Can’t go wrong with ham and eggs.

Last minute preps for her big show tomorrow.
121313-2 121313-3

The street art of San Francisco never fails to blow my mind.

While Michelle starts her rehearsal, I find myself a temporary office to get some work done.
The upside of a designer is the flexibility of working anywhere as long as you have your laptop and wifi. Actually, this may also be the downside. #Nevernotworking

And so it begins: 121313-9

To begin explaining the nature of the performance, I must tell you a bit more about Michelle and her education.

Michelle studies Drama Therapy. Unlike talk therapy (similar to the kind you see in movies), Drama Therapy, in a nutshell, incorporates many theatrical elements into each session. One may act, one may sculpt, or one may use motions to achieve therapeutic goals. And for those who study Drama Therapy, one must complete one of three final projects to graduate—self-rev being one the them.


Self-rev is a very special kind of performance; In fact, it’s more like a healing process for the performer. The end result would be a theatrical piece, but it’s really the preparation stages that matters. To begin, he/she must first focus on a recent struggling issue (trusting/self-love/trauma experience/emotional expression…etc). Then, one would dig deep and try finding the origin of the issue. Using theatrical elements to engage the audience, one would have to write script, build props, and compose a plot that would help find the solution to the issue. Witnessing is a big part for Drama Therapy. So at the final stage, one would showcase the piece in front of a supportive audience.

The goal’s to allow drama therapists to experience the healing process first hand, thus, having a better idea and experience guide and help their clients through their healing process as well. The seemingly simple premise underlies a great deal of distress that one would face. Not only would they have to confront issues that they may otherwise avoid, they’d have to forcefully unearth it and try to resolve it. Needless to day, this past couple of weeks months have been rather stressful for Michelle, but it’ll soon pay off.
121313-11 121313-12 121313-13
121313-16 121313-14 121313-15 121313-17 121313-18 121313-19 121313-20

If there’s one thing I learned through all these years of cue intensive fashion shows I pulled with Imaginary Zebra, it is that things will always go wrong. She’s doing her best to eliminate all risks:  121313-21 121313-22 121313-23 121313-24

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2 and a half hours later. We get our break for quick lunch.

We chose this place:121313-31
The old school signage stands atop of a 2000+ yelp reviews with an average of 4 stars restaurant.

We got the Super Burrito.

Soft and crispy tacos: 121313-29 121313-30

There’s just no stopping her.
The food was pretty good. Priced fairly and I’d recommend it. But I must admit it’s not the best I’ve ever had.

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Michelle wanted to pick up a quick gift. A “monster” related item. She asked if I knew anywhere, and the first place I thought of is…

I never keep up to date with the latest trends or news with local street wear shops, but it wasn’t until today that I realize how far apart I really am. Last time I went to “Super 7” was when they had a store near Japan Town. They moved to Haight 3 years ago. 3 years ago! I only find out about their new location today. And the closing of the Stussy store.

Anyway, Michelle picked up the Rose Vampire, an original from Super 7.

Pretty badass. With a removable cape and everything. 121313-34

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By this time, Michelle and I simply couldn’t operate without a cup of joe.
121313-39 121313-37 121313-38

Bathroom art. 121313-36

Follows by another series of cue to cue rehearsals.
Good luck to all the performers that will be going this weekend!

’til tomorrow,

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