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Daily—ThinkGeek, Army of Ants, Puma

Today’s been a terribly long day. Ironically, I have little pictures to show for it.
I suppose when you’re engulfed in a project, everything around you that takes any less of your full attention would just fade away. At least that’s what happened to me. I was so focused on the task at hand, I just forgot to take pictures.

That’s how one should concentrate when running a business/project. What you see should only be the goal, and the path to get there. Everything else is noise. You’d work faster, harder, and better.  I don’t usually focus as intensely as today. But when it happens, it’s pretty fkin’ sweet.

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Woke up to this news: 121013-1

The hard work has paid off. The project I run with two brilliant partners, Christine & Kevin, reached a milestone today. Plushtography is now part of the official products of ThinkGeek, a site that I’ve been a big fan of. I’ve also shopped there frequently for oddities and intriguing products like cat headed buddha and bacon toothpaste. They carry assorted unique products and I’m very proud to be one amongst them. 121013-2
Big thanks to Perry for modeling with the pillows. Those hands of his are more popular than all of our faces combined.

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These ants have been lurking partying on our counter for a couple of days now. And I’ve fulfilled my duty as a responsible home owner and ran a few rounds of massacre. But the more I push, the harder they party. Son of a bitch. 121013-6

They said you can’t get rid of ants until you eliminate the food source. And so I did. I removed everything that’s edible from the table top, but turn out, it was as if I just did them a favor and widen the dance floor. Sons of bitches. 121013-7

They’re persistent and committed, I’d give them that. To them, it’s fighting for survival and grossing people out, both of which they do remarkably well. 121013-8

Then, I turned to Amazon for help. And according to the peers there, THIS is the ultimate weapon to combat the army of ants. Whether they’re the 300s of ants or Black Hawks of ants, the chance of winning is absolute zero. 121013-5Whoever made this product is one evil fella. Here’s how this product works. It’s a clear box filled with flavored liquid that ants simply can’t resist. You cut a hole on the box and leave it at the corner of the house. Ants would come and taste the solution. BUT, they don’t die instantly. They’d carry drops of the liquid back like they’d do with any food and feed them to the Queen, colleagues, and family. And only until then, the toxin would be released and kill the entire family tree of ants, wiping out the whole colony.

The following image shows how excited the ants are when facing one of these clear boxes.
Be warned, it’s not pretty.
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121013-9They crowded over like it’s a two dollar tity bar. But little do they know, this is the last meal they’ll ever have.

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Had a very busy afternoon.
Done lots of work and sealed a deal.
That’s all.

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121013-10Michelle makes one of the best marinated pork rib thing dish.

A package came in the mail today. It was one of the items I purchased over black friday. Puma had a 40% sale. Seeing the op. I grabbed myself a pair of kicks. Then, find out they have a 50% off sale right after. Dam you, corporations and your holiday gimmicks.

I’ve always appreciated the minimal packaging with all recyclable material from Puma.
Their shoes aren’t always on the top of my list, but man, do they know packaging.


Here it is, the royal blue Puma Cabana. 121013-13


The bottom sole is a bit thicker than expected, which makes the shoes look puffy. It’s very comfortable, but I’m not sure if I really enjoyed its look. The image they had on the web was much better. 121013-15
Wrapping the day up for another meeting with the Be Seen Magazine team. We try to keep things pirate and dogs friendly. 121013-17

We’ve got a few campaigns that we plan to execute for Be Seen Mag over the next couple of weeks.
As we slowly reveal our plans, you should swing by to take a look at what we have now. Just a heads up, you might find it difficult not to be tempted by the products we’ve posted.

’til tomorrow,

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  1. Those are some crazy ass ants! I had them before in my room, as well!