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Daily—Triangle Chocolate, Nerf Guns, WingStop

On the phone this morning speaking to an automated replier for 10 minutes. Having an automated system certainly keeps the process efficient for the company, but man, do I hate talking to a machine. They’re not flexible, can’t be creative, and there’s absolutely no negotiation.

It’s the holidays, USPS decided to shut down their customer service and leave it all to the machine. Worse yet, they’ve been messing up on the deliveries. Info on their site is ambiguous. No one’s available to answer my questions. Dam, frustrating morning.
Yet another work day. But, I did spice it up with a bar of Toblerone Swiss chocolate.
Strange enough, I’ve never pronounced its name before. I’ve always just referred it as the “triangle chocolate.” And people get it.

This is an ideal case of how one can leverage a shape into the brand image.
I don’t need the slogan, the color, or even the name of this company to remind me of its brand. That’s brilliant.

Unlike the other typical circular or triangular chocolate bars, the remarkable geometric form certainly makes it unique.

But of course, the chocolate must taste delicious for the shape to add value to the brand.
Having a spectacular color palette, catchy slogan, or hip packaging would mean nothing if the product itself is crap.

First focus on the fundamentals, then add value to it.

After sending out all the pre-order items, we have a few of these items left.
The IZ shop is now open to sell of the remaining shirts. 121813-4
The sizing isn’t complete, and there are only a few for the available sizes. First come, first served.
Work, work, vimeo, work.

Highlight of the day—Nerf War, a hobby that we recently picked up.
Like any combat game that involves a pistol, the player’s goal is to eliminate opponents using the bullets from the guns.

Nerf has definitely nailed the market of toy guns.
It’s an unconventional idea to package a seemingly lethal and dangerous object into a colorful toy for children.

Being unconventional has been black for business ideas. Take Cirque Du Soleil, where they reinvent circus and clowns from an inexpensive and modest presentation into an extravagant and exotic performance. Things that challenge the status quo would get people talking and paying attention to.

Back to Nerf.
They come in all shapes and sizes:
The Noisy Cricket of Nerf Guns.

Players for the evening—Nicole, Allen, Daniel, Marcus, Chelsie, and I.
121813-8 121813-12

Daniel’s so ready own the war.  121813-9 121813-11

Turn out, the ladies were taking the lead through the course of the night.
Chelsie, in particular, was slaughtering us left and right.  121813-14 121813-10
Incase you didn’t notice, Daniel’s customized his Strongarm with a coat of desert camo paint job. Very cool.

Speaking of customizing, there’s a whole community that specializes in remaking the existing Nerf Weapons into something more badass and intricate. You know you made it when there’s a cult following for your products.

This is Nicole.
She got head shot’d a couple of times tonight.


This is Marcus. and his battle scar. 121813-17
Anyone out there is into Nerf Guns, too? We should find a way to get a game together.

Dinner. Popeye and WingStop—chicken night.
121813-19 121813-20

Mango Habanero & Garlic Parmesan. 121813-22 121813-23

Sounds like a good place to end the post.

’til tomorrow,



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