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Everyday I Will – A Web Project

Everyday I Willis a web project [Cody] and I initiated recently.

When I kicked off my new year resolutions slightly late (well, about 2 months late..), I felt unmotivated to keep up with them. The mentality of having a bad start really dragged. Then it occurred to me that being late shouldn’t be a factor of self-improvement anyway. But it’s easier said than done, so I wanted a tool to keep myself in check:

↑ Writing stuff on my hand didn’t work too well, especially after restroom breaks.

We created a space for our resolutions and that we can have easy access to (why hello, internet.)
We also find it motivating to see what others are working on as well, so we created a system for people to submit their resolutions, too.

Here are some that I’m working on:

Better late than never, right?

We wanted to keep it simple, but the early stage of the site was a bit too simple:

So one afternoon I decided to improv some sketches of people rooting for us:

↑ We’re using it as the background of the site. “You got this!”

We’ve had quite a few submission since the site launched. And turn out, I find what people are working on not only motivate me to keep up with my resolutions, they serve as great inspirations as well:

It’s never too late to start your resolutions.
[Tell us your resolution!]

’til next time,
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