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Fort Drum, the place between Orlando and Miami

Location: Between Orlando & Miami, FL
Photo cred: Michelle & Benson
Camera1: Olympus OMD EM5
Lens: Lumix 20mm f1.7

To squeeze the most out of the trip, we decided to drive down to Miami and spend the remaining days there before we head back to California. Orlando weather hasn’t been ideal, we hoped Miami would be different. It’s winter, and we yet to envelop ourselves in the sun that we seek for the past too many days.

The commute is three and a half hour. But with an interesting conversation and a box full of donuts, it really felt like two, which is about the length of a movie, one that’s good and ends at just the right time.

010514-13 010514-17

The car we rent has a sunroof. Always rent a car with a sunroof. 010514-18

[su_heading]4:18PM[/su_heading] 010514-24

It’s called crepuscular rays.
010514-21 010514-22 010514-23

[su_heading]4:49PM[/su_heading]  010514-25 010514-26

No selfies, except in the company of a beauty. Michelle’s busy, so my Oly EM5 will do.

We’d go for the pot of gold, except we’re not 6 anymore.

It started pouring around 6PM.
Never seen such heavy rain (and I grew up in Taiwan). Our visibility was about 20 feet even after pumping the wiper to its fastest speed.  Shit was nuts.

Made it to Miami around 7:30PM.

’till tomorrow,



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