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Glimpses Into My Notebook (Book #3)

8/9/2013 marked the end of my 4th 3rd notebook (made a false announcement online, sorry).

Thought this came by sooner than I expected, but after taking a look back at my last notebook glimpses post, which happened almost 2 years ago, I realize that time just seem to fly past faster on the things that one pay little attention to. Indeed, I haven’t invested as much on this notebook as I did before—fewer elaborate drawings and less time spent on designing each page. The style of my note-taking has changed overtime. With more tasks piling up, I only take down things that are essential to each project.

Here are few glimpses into the life of my 3rd notebook:

Some of these pages are from actual projects, which I tried to include the final rendition corresponding to each, some are random ideas, and some are projects that never came to be.


[aside] These are some of my favorites from the series. [/aside]081113_4

Zeeb Movement was meant to be campus wide campaign that encourages students to initiate hands-on projects and invest more time on things they enjoy doing:081113_5

[aside] Minimal and modern, really like how this logo turned out. [/aside]081113_6


[aside] TEDx logo for 2012, playing off the theme “The Power of Perception”. [/aside]081113_8

When facebook came out with cover photo for fan pages, I spent a couple of hours brainstorming ways to optimize and take full advantage of it. 081113_9

[aside] facebook page from way back. Speaking of which, I should probably change up the current one soon. [/aside]081113_10

Gave myself challenges when I first bought the wacom tablet. I failed the challenge. 081113_11

A thanksgiving sketch: 081113_12


[aside] Don’t ask. [/aside]081113_14

Imaginary Zebra’s Thank You card idea. I only made a handful. 081113_15

[aside] Ooh yes. [/aside]081113_16

More projects:081113_17











081113_28That’s that. New notebook, new chapter. Definitely will try to spend a bit more time on it, so I can really show it off for one of these posts (in a year or two).

’til next time,

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  1. looks like we got similar thought process. my sketch book looks just like yours, except my ideas aren’t as awesome, and unfortunately i just don’t have enough time to translate sketch to digital. super inspiring though. makes me want to get to it.

    1. Everyone seems to be short of supply of time nowadays. Get at it! I’m excited to see what ideas you have to execute!