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Cooler and more innovative products surface daily and it’s getting harder to resist from pulling my credit card out of my wallet. Although I brag about having self-control over impulsive shopping sprees, I hate to say that I still give in occasionally (especially when sites like werd and uncrate continuously broadcasting each product’s awesomeness.) What’s done, is done. I’m here to share with ya some of the stuff that put a hole in my wallet.

Kickstarter’s a place I’ve been visiting frequently. Not only do you get exposed to amazing projects (range from films to gadgets,) you can partake in them too (by backing the project financially.) In return, you’d be the first ones to receive never-before-seen stuff with discounted prices. One catch, though, you prolly won’t receive the stuff from the project you backed for a really long time.

In fact, I didn’t receive these bad boys SEVEN months after I backed the project.

The baller looking, stainless steal shelled coffee beans are the invention of Dave and Dave from Coffee Joulies. Was $40 when I backed the project, currently at $50 via their site.

↑The material within the shell’s edible.

Here’s how it works:

Before, it’s difficult for the beverage to stay at its optimal temperature. Either too hot or too cold, you only get like a 5 minute window to consume the beverage at its best temperature.

With Coffee Joulies, they absorb heat when it is too hot and release it back into your coffee to keep it at the perfect temperature.

Ingenious stuff.

Next up, the Fellup Bracelets.

These were gifted by Phillip Gepty, the man behind the Fellup brand.

The beaded bracelets seem to be all the fuzz at the moment.

Everything’s handmade. So for all the generic bracelets out there, please get back to your corners. Can’t steal the show away from these guys.

“Zebra” for 25% off. Show Phil some love at Fellup.

Here we have another project I backed from Kickstarter. 

↑ By Matt Stevens, this is a book with a collection of 100 different illustrative interpretation of the Air Max ( or as he called it in the book – the greatest sneaker of all time.)

Unfortunately, I don’t own a pair of Air Max. Yet I still pulled the trigger for its creativity. Each illustration’s an inspiration. Proud to be one of the 1000 across the globe that own one of these.

Some of my favorites:

I think that friend of yours that’s really into Air Max’s might’ve already gotten a copy. As for the rest, here it is for $50.

Last but not least, a gift from Eric Kim – the Buddha Board.

Paint with water. As simple as that.

Had a ton of fun with these, too bad all the pieces are short-lived. Great for practices (simple sketches)

’til the next cool things,
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