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Haiku project for Nameless Magazine

Woot, TIZ was invited to perform/showcase at the semi-annual Nameless Magazine event -Expression Redefined. We pulled off a spoken word piece last year , this time we decided to do something different- how about a video project that takes a CRAP LOAD of work…

I don’t like to half ass any of the projects, neither do the people that I work with. TIZ had Billy, Rasikh, Allison, and Tracy on board for the production of this video.

//People that have been following TIZ’s showcase/performance know that there’s NEVER a time with a complete group-photo, but this time’s not even close..

Anyway, we spent a couple of days brainstorming through ideas. We were going for something more artsy, to fit the occasion, as compared to the intensive performances we do for fashion shows. We had no idea what to do till Rasikh came up with the haiku idea. Then BAM, the next few days were followed with organizing and filming people’s improv haikus as well as editing the film..here are some short stats:

-More than 50 people participated.
-More than 20 hours was invested in making this film.
..and less 3 hours of sleep the day before we premiere the video.
-The event started at 7pm, we filmed till 1pm with the last minute editing at 6pm.
-3 cans of Redbull, 5 cups of Quickly’s, half foot Subway sandwich, and a bake-it-yourself pizza were consumed during the editing period.

Here it is, the epic video:
Please click here if you couldn’t view the video.

I’m proud. You should’ve been at the event, the live streaming illusion was amazing. (Pads everyone on the back).

At the event, many familiar faces showed up as well.

Matt Sev(rens) and Patrick Hanners flipped the stage.

Eric with his spectacular photography and digital art pieces.

and many poetries, short stories, and improv comedy from all the talented artists.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture them in pictures. Only if you were here.

It was yet another great event by Nameless Magazine. Keep up the opened mind and see ya in 6 months.

-Benson|| Follow me on Twitter || Join the movement|| Check the original website


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