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Japan Trip—Day 1

Mom’s been wanting to visit Japan for awhile, and so we made it happen. (Thanks to Bae and Margaret’s financial and intellectual support.)  Here’s day 1 of the 10 trip to Japan. The crew consisted of: 122112_1

Day 0—The departure.
We took the Asiana Airline (yes, I know), but I’m very impressed by the quality of its service. Delicious food, individual movie screens; it’s pretty awesome.  122112_3

To save on cost, we had a layover in Korea. The total flight time was around 15 hours. I watched 5 movies, played a few games of sudoku, and took a nap. I always expected myself to utilize the time for work or to be somewhat productive, and it’s always been utter disappointment. 122112_4Picture taken by Allen.

Finally arrived Tokyo around 9:30 PM, we bought a couple tickets and ready to head towards our hotel located in Shinjuku.

The journey hasn’t been smooth so far. The flight was first delayed for an hour, leaving us just 20 minutes to transfer in Icheon. Then, the bus to Shinjuku popped its tires and put us back for another 45 minutes. Our asses were half-numb and half-sore. Mom wasn’t too happy: 122112_6 122112_7

Touch down: 122112_8

We rented this pocket wifi device for about $8/day. It provides 75mgbs LTE whereever we go. Not only would it provide us internet for google map when we’re lost,  we can stream HD YouTube videos while at it. 122112_9

Day 1—Shinjuku. Shibuya. Harajuku.

I was fully ready to be a tourist.
122112_10 122112_12

Bicqlo. A collaboration project between Bic Camera and Uniqlo. Located in downtown (三丁目) Shinjuku. Bic Camera is one of the largest electronic appliances store in Japan and Uniqlo is one of the largest clothing brand around the globe. I was hoping to see something innovative in the store as I stepped in. Frankly, I didn’t see much influence between the two except having all these electronics and apparel across the floor. It was alright. 122112_13

Cool sign, though: 122112_14

They managed to place ads everywhere. 122112_15 122112_16


I tried the 70-200, and it’s absolutely stunning. 122112_18

Mom tried their $5000 massage chair. You can tell how amazing that thing is:122112_19


One of the most common thing I see in Japan is their vending machines. They appear at every street corner. And for this particular ramen joint, we even use a ticketing machine for ordering food. 122112_21 122112_22

mm, wonder where we should go today. 122112_23

Taking the metro. It’s priced depending on the distance. And it starts with $1.6 per ticket.  122112_24 122112_25 122112_26 122112_27

Shibuya. 122112_28

The city has a fairly cool brand mark. They should do this for every city (new project idea?!). 122112_29 122112_30

One of the most crowded intersection in the world. 122112_31 122112_32

Shibuya’s known for their shopping district. And when mom shops, dad sleeps. 122112_33 122112_34

This place’s called “Gg”. Word. 122112_35 122112_36 122112_37
That’s right.

The cars in Japan seem quite box-y. 122112_40 122112_41 122112_42 122112_43 122112_44

A shop full of condoms. They’re slightly over-priced, but serve as good souvenir, no? 122112_45 122112_46

One of my recent discovery is the back alley of Omotesando Hills. Some of the most decorative shops are located here. 122112_50 122112_47

Ragtag has a refreshing idea. It’s a thrift shop. However, they only buy back name brand items—LV, Supreme, Visvim, Hermes..etc, making it an high-end second hand boutique. They mark each item down from 50-80% compare to retail. But as you can tell by the brand, it’s still too much for me to afford even after the discount.  122112_49 122112_53

Google bike had an upgrade. 122112_48 122112_52

It was 6:20PM, and we’ve been walking the streets of Japan for about 9 hours so far.  122112_51 122112_54

Time to head home. 122112_55 122112_56 122112_57

Dinner at a Chinese inspired Japanese restaurant. Food was iight. 122112_59 122112_60

End of day 1. I’m still a sucker for Uniqlo and Japanese innovation. 122112_61

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’til tomorrow,

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  1. such cute blog and summary of your trip thus far! love it! hope your having fun! safe travels! thank you for sharing please dont stop!

    1. Thanks! New post coming soon

  2. love all the pictures! haha i recognize that shirt from uniqlo 😛 cant wait to see your other posts for japan!

    1. hahah, can’t believe i’m still buying Uniqlo when I’m in Japan. Now my goal’s to hunt something that can’t be found in the States!

  3. What do you bring overseas to draw on your pictures?

    1. i’ve converted my hand writing and some of the most commonly used symbols into a font, so I can apply them anywhere and in a more efficient manner!

      1. Whaaaaa! Didn’t think of that! How cool

  4. Awesome trip. Do you happen to have link for where you rented the Pocket WiFi for $8? that’s a killer deal.

      1. Did you get it from the airport or your hotel? Thanks for this!!!! I was looking for the exact thing, going to Japan in Oct :D!

        1. We had them sent to the hotel 🙂

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  10. What app do you use to add font to your photos? Looks sick

    1. Thanks, Photoshop does the magic

  11. I love your picture & your font. Can you tell me know the noted font? 😀

    1. thanks! I actually hand written those captions on the graphics. The title typography’s Gotham. 🙂