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Japan Trip—Day 3

Skipped breakfast and slept in (spent too much time blogging last night). There’s a long day ahead of us—For day 3, we decided to visit some of the most iconic landmarks of Tokyo, Japan.

Our hotel located in the heart of Shinjuku, right by the Kabukicho, the entertainment and red-light district. Of corse, all the flame and glory happens when the sun sets, it’s barely high-noon and we’re already late to our first destination.

Allen’s a fan of gyoza (dumpling), and he seems to have a hidden agenda of trying any gyoza shop that crosses his path. So for lunch, we chose a Chinese restaurant. with a spin of Japanese flavor.  090613-2

Cold noodle, fried rice is what I ordered. Tasted very Japanese—clean, neatly placed, and light on flavors.  090613-4 090613-3A two layer design = no drips anywhere. Perfect.

Don’t think we’d be able to make it to the Tsukiji market for fresh seafood, so this would do for now:
090613-6 090613-5
Oh yes.

First stop, Tokyo tower.

There are many metro station stops around the tower, I find the Akabanebashi to be the closest. It’s about a 5 minutes walk to the foot of the tower.  090613-8

The crows here quite large. 090613-9

So close, yet so far. 090613-10

Now for all its glory. 090613-11

On the 4th floor of the tower, there’s a Doraemon exchibit for its 80th anniversary. There are couple dozens of these 3 feet tall figures across the floors of the tower. They’re free to take pictures of. 090613-13

Army of Doraemon in the making. 090613-14

Breadman. 090613-15 090613-16 090613-17

Tokyo tower water bottle. Makes cool souvenir. $3. 090613-18 090613-19

Coming up—Odaiba. 090613-20 090613-22
Daiba’s an artificial island off the bay of Tokyo. Right across sits the Rainbow bridge and a scaled down Statue of Liberty. The island was built for defense purposes, but has now become a tourist attraction. It’s also the home of Fuji TV and the popular… 1:1 Gundam!

The places lure in visitors and wedding couples alike. 090613-21

Dog walkers, too. 090613-23

There it is, the actual size Gundam. Although, I must say it’s smaller than I expected, but to see it in person still puts me in awe. My purpose to Japan has been fulfilled. 090613-26

For all its glory: 090613-24

Intricate details. 090613-25

This is the ankle of the Gundam. There are stickers as small as my hand. 090613-28 090613-27

What did I say about the anime culture and cartoon celebrity endorsement for products: 090613-29

Would you? 090613-30

On the 7th floor of Diver City, one of the major shopping malls here in Daiba, has a section dedicated to all the Gundam fanatics called Gundam Front. 090613-48

A portion of the venue built to showcase some of the most OG Gundam toys ever built. 090613-39090613-35 090613-31 090613-34

One of the first Gundams. 090613-32

After decades of refinements and evolution, the original Gundam look pretty badass. 090613-33

My all time favorite Gundam series—G. 090613-36

Odaiba diorama. 090613-37 090613-45

Not only do they offer toys and figurings, the Gundam franchise has extended its reach into various sectors of the consumer chain. Like an advertisement for cars. 090613-44

Or shoes. Unfortunately, they really just look like dirty shoes to me. 090613-40

Gundam x Porter messenger with the classic Zaku green. 090613-43

All metal key chains that retail up to $60 a pop. Shit cray. 090613-41

..and: 090613-42

At the end of the day, I picked this up. One of the first models for the 1:60 perfect grade Zaku. 090613-49

Dinner time. 090613-55 090613-57 090613-56 090613-58 090613-51 090613-52 090613-53 090613-54 090613-60 090613-59

Almost all the districts of Tokyo give a different impression as it goes from day to evening. Odaiba, in particular, is known for the bridge that shines in rainbow colors in the dark night.  090613-64

Photographers love it. 090613-61 090613-62 090613-63 090613-65
Taken by Dad.

That goes day 3. Day 4 we’re visiting the hot springs.

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’til then,

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