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Japan Trip—Day 4

Pardon the delay, we’ve migrated to Kyoto the past couple of days and we’re in the process of adjusting to the new pace and environment. Kyoto’s drastically different from the city scape of Tokyo, but I’ll get more into that in the next couple of recaps.
Day 4 marks our last day in Tokyo, and what better way to end it than having a big breakfast through 7-11?!
It’s one of the most convenient shops one can access. The franchise started in Texas, but unlike the 7-11’s in the States, you can find one almost at every other block in Japan offering products such as magazines, food, and stationary items to services such as bill payment and package delivery. It’s the go to places for late night snacks and about most daily essential needs.

And to my surprise, I see NO 7-11 in Kyoto. Lots of Family Mart and Lawson, though. I suppose this would be a proper departure meal.

A quick look at what 7-11 can bring to the table:
091013_2 091013_3 091013_4

And be hold, the best innovation EVER: 091013_5 091013_6 091013_7

The 7-11 in Japan even begin to offer a line of products of their own—the Seven & i collection:
091013_8 091013_9 091013_10

First stop of the day locates within Shinjuku Central Park. 091013_11

The flea market! I’ve been a big fan of flea markets in the States, so I’m especially excited to check one out here.
This particular one happened on 9/7 and it’s a monthly recurring event.

091013_13 091013_14

Some gems. 091013_15 091013_16

Always be knolling. 091013_17 091013_18

Sometimes you see the strangest things. 091013_19 091013_20 091013_21

Happening simultaneously was a farmer’s market.  091013_22

Matcha green tea + red bean paste. 091013_23

Dog portraits. Too bad the artist wasn’t there.

Maltese. 091013_25

Soon after, we took the train towards our second destination—Atami, a city known for its hot spring. 091013_26

Dad was happy. 091013_27

Map of JR, the national transport system.  Seems less clustered than the metro map. 091013_28 091013_29 091013_30

It was a 1.5 hour journey from Shinjuku to Atami. The JR system offered two levels of cart. One of them is basic: 091013_31
With each of us carrying a luggage, we didn’t think this was a good route for the coming one and a half hour.


We paid for an upgrade at $10/person.

We ended with this: 091013_33
Pretty good investment, if you ask me.

The city’s pretty tiny with the population density of around 600 people per km^2 in comparison to San Francisco, which is about 6800 people per km^2.

This seemed to be a vocational spot for locals; we didn’t see much foreigners here. We did see a chimp.

Our hotel: 091013_37

Our room: 091013_38 091013_39 091013_40

Our dinner: 091013_41 091013_42 091013_43 091013_44 091013_45 091013_46
We’ve never felt so Japanese in our lives.

Then, it was back to reality. Now we felt more like college kids—a night trip to laundry machines.
091013_47 091013_48

..and while we wait, we headed out for a stroll: 091013_49 091013_50 091013_51

Got thirsty: 091013_52 091013_53 091013_54

And finally, the place that we’ve all been waiting for: 091013_55 091013_56
It’s a fully nude hot spring, but we were allowed a towel into the pool. And no, ladies and the gents don’t share a pool.

The place also provides shampoo, body wash, blowdryer, lotion, and q-tips. It’s really group bathroom.
091013_57 091013_58
That’s a wrap for day 4.

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