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Japan Trip—The Best of Japan

Delighted to have spent the last 7 days in Japan with my fam. We’ve shopped, devoured, ridden trains, slept in traditional hostels, dipped in hot springs, and hiked (lots of it). It’s definitely one of the best experiences of my life. And as much as we’d like to keep going for day 8, most of the crew’s been worn out after the continuous outings. So, here I’ll be dedicating this post to the “Best of Japan”—showing you some of my favorite assets of Japan, including photos that I haven’t disclosed through my last posts.

Here goes:

The Buildings.
I’ve witnessed some of the most extravagant and bizarre buildings. I couldn’t help but wonder what type of drugs the architects were on when coming up with these. Strong ones, I bet.
Japan_Buildings-1 Japan_Buildings-22 Japan_Buildings-21 Japan_Buildings-20 Japan_Buildings-19 Japan_Buildings-18 Japan_Buildings-17 Japan_Buildings-16 Japan_Buildings-15 Japan_Buildings-14
This isn’t a building, but I couldn’t go on without including it.

Japan_Buildings-13 Japan_Buildings-12 Japan_Buildings-11 Japan_Buildings-10 Japan_Buildings-9 Japan_Buildings-8 Japan_Buildings-7 Japan_Buildings-6 Japan_Buildings-5 Japan_Buildings-4 Japan_Buildings-3

The Transportation.
Easily one of the most convenient cities in the world. With the reach of JR (Japan Railway), Metro, and buses, you can go to any part of Japan with ease. But first, learn the maps.
Japan_Convenience-3 Japan_Convenience-7 Japan_Convenience-2 Japan_Convenience-1 Japan_Convenience-4 Japan_Convenience-5 Japan_Convenience-10 Japan_Convenience-9 Japan_Convenience-11 Japan_Convenience-6 Japan_Convenience-12 Japan_Convenience-13

The Innovations.
Need I say more?
Japan_Innovations-1 Japan_Innovations-2 Japan_Innovations-3
Grinds the sesame as you pour.

Japan_Innovations-4 Japan_Innovations-5 Japan_Innovations-6 Japan_Innovations-7 Japan_Innovations-8

An intuitive design. No more signs or color coding. Japan_Innovations-10

The Culture for Cameras.
I’m a big camera geek. And Japan’s the home of Canon, Nikon, Ricoh, Fujifilm, Olympus, Pentax, Sigma, and Sony. Although, most of the camera holders I saw in Japan were foreign tourists like me (ha!), I did notice quite a few shops across town that sell cameras from the vintage film analog to medium format digital.
Japan_Cameras-2 Japan_Cameras-14 Japan_Cameras-13 Japan_Cameras-12 Japan_Cameras-11 Japan_Cameras-10 Japan_Cameras-9 Japan_Cameras-8 Japan_Cameras-7 Japan_Cameras-6 Japan_Cameras-5 Japan_Cameras-4 Japan_Cameras-3

The Vending Machines.
It’s like the Starbucks of the States the roaches of Taiwan, you’d find couple of these at every block. And it’s not only beverages that you can purchase, you can also find manga, smokes, flowers, and tickets to your next meal in a vending machine.
Japan_Vending-1 Japan_Vending-4 Japan_Vending-3 Japan_Vending-2

The Interesting Products.
From a place that gives birth to tentacle porn, I would not expect anything less for their consumer goods.
This is a camera case.

Japan_Products-14 Japan_Products-13

Eyedrops for Asuka Langley Soryu.Japan_Products-12

Gundam inspired goods: Japan_Products-11 Japan_Products-10 Japan_Products-9 Japan_Products-8

Father Kitty. Japan_Products-7 Japan_Products-6 Japan_Products-5

Letter opener, samurai style. Japan_Products-4 Japan_Products-3 Japan_Products-16

For those who are familiar with this candy brand. This is the pudding version of it. That’s right. Japan_Food-1

Last but certainly not least—The Food.
Be warned, please view responsibly.
Japan_Food-2 Japan_Food-26 Japan_Food-25 Japan_Food-24 Japan_Food-23 Japan_Food-22 Japan_Food-21 Japan_Food-20 Japan_Food-19 Japan_Food-18 Japan_Food-17 Japan_Food-16 Japan_Food-15 Japan_Food-14 Japan_Food-13 Japan_Food-12 Japan_Food-11 Japan_Food-10 Japan_Food-9 Japan_Food-8 Japan_Food-7 Japan_Food-6 Japan_Food-5 Japan_Food-4 Japan_Food-3

That’s it. Hope you’ve enjoyed my write-ups for trips!

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’til my next trip,

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  5. Hi Benson,

    I am currently in love with your photos of this japan trip! Just makes me want to visit Japan even more. Which VSCO filters did you use?

    Many thanks, looking forward to more travel photography!

  6. Amazing pictures Benson. Japan is too cool to be real.