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Latest Imaginations – Series 1 – 02/15/10 12AM

The long wait is about to be over – TIZ’s latest imaginations shall drop on Feb. 15th 12AM.

Here’s the new thing from TIZ: Series based Collections as oppose to seasonal based collections.

So, why the switch?

Having seasonal collections is a great system: it’s organized and efficient. Each collection may have distinctive features corresponding to the climate. It gives designers the opportunity to really dig deep on what they want to express every three months and it’s a great corporate approach.


It doesn’t have the characteristics that I envision for The Imaginary Zebra, which are:

Flexibility. Seasons don’t wait. Therefore, there are deadlines. Deadlines are good, don’t get me wrong, but they are predictable.  This system works without the constraints of seasonality, I can put shirts out whenever I want without confusing people – “Wait, is this the time to put out Fall collections?”

Spontaneity. Everyone’s got their creative moments, and, as far as I know, the moments don’t come every Tuesday at 3PM. It rarely sparks at the moment of our choosing, but whenever it DOES spark, they are often the BEST ideas. The series based system makes TIZ more spontaneous – If I can put out amazing ideas every 2 months, why do I have to wait for 3?

Connection. Each shirt is numbered by its series, which builds a personal connection.  Most clothing companies out there don’t do this because they want their shirts to be timeless. However, I am looking for something else in my collections – that particular time when you purchased the shirt and any related occurrences at the particular time. I want each TIZ shirt to distinguish itself from the rest of the shirts in your closet by their stories.

With that said, enjoy TIZ’s first series.

Lookbook now out.
Mark your calender.

-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website


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