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Red Balloon x TIZ is back!

Red Balloon is a benefit concert sponsoring local non-profits organization and global efforts to secure opportunities for children in third world countries and here in our own backyard. They have events in Davis and San Jose to connect the community through music.

We’re proud to be a part of the effort last year.

It’s back and it will be hosted at Touro University in just a few weeks. From 5 -8 PM.

Once again, TIZ’s given little snippet of time to perform. To optimize the time frame and the setting, I’m glad to work with Popping Club of UC Davis to put together something aimed particularly for this event.

We’re also bringing back the Red Balloon x TIZ tee!

Background: Red Balloon’s a benefit concert.
Just the basic idea of the event gave me enough room to brainstorm for ideas – music, red balloon, instruments.

Rough sketch:

Concept: A musician playing for passion and for the good cause of the benefit concert – minding the red balloon. Hence, the balloon looking head.

Final Design:

Lastly, a custom back logo also for the event.

Placement of the designs:

They are in Unisex sizing and ready to be [pre-ordered]. Check out [our shop] for the shirt!

50% will go to UC Davis Children’s Hospital. [Pre-order here]!

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