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The Beginning

A friend of mine ask me “I’m curious what got you into design and where did you start from when you knew that’s what you wanted? What did you start learning/improving first?”

I don’t normally write things like this. So, please take it easy on my lack of vocabulary, inconsistant grammar, or in-cohesive flow. Yet another reason why I design.

My passion for design is a result of two factors: family influence and genetics.

Design came off as a strange word to me till I was in middle school, but my interest in “design” has sparked long before that. As far as I could remember, I picked up my first marker when I was four/five. Drawing’s one of the few memories that I can play back vividly in my head. Amongst the memories of begging for milk bottle and running around butt ass naked. I recall that I was fascinated by human figures. and helmets. So, I drew a series of long limbed stick figures with top heavy helmets lining up side ways. And having the proper medium never stopped me, I drew from paper to walls. Turn out, drawing on walls = spanking + no more marker for a long time.

When I grew

Now that I look back, there was a transition in my interests from “art” to “design.” “Art” being abstract and “Design” being problem solving.

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