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Vans OTW – Woessner – Review

Maybe it’s about time for some new shoes.
I’ve once gone through a phase of customizing my kicks for that “breakneck” factor. Today, I see shoes as a subtle addition to the outfit – a piece that’s plain and simple. Guess I’m still a t-shirt-focus kinda guy.

They say ‘age builds character’, but that’s no excuse for these:

↑The originally pitch black Van’s Authentic with bamboo sole is now severely faded into this mess. Though, it’s still one of my favorites of all time. They’re light, complemental, and comfortable. Gotta give it to Vans. Simplicity goes a long way.

Got these as my 22nd birthday gift. It’s been a good 20 months with these bad boys. They’ve been a loyal companion through hikes up the mountain and photoshoots under water.

Even with all the tears and holes, I was going to rock those for another month or so until one of my friends accidentally mistaken them as trash to throw out. It was a clear sign that I should wear them no longer.

So I came across these: I’d say my 6th&7th pair of vans since high school.

Vans OTW collection – Woessner (Ran out of these color ways through Van’s official site). I dig the shoe shape so much, I grabbed two pairs in different texture and color. Originally $60, but I was lucky enough to come across them at the outlet for a mere $30!

In black leather.

Enjoy the detail in its design.

White Canvas.

↑ I barely wear any light color shoes, mainly because it’s difficult to maintain, but I couldn’t pass these on.

Design: 4.5 stars.
Comfort: 3.5 stars. ( The back rim almost gave me a blister on my ankle.)
Price: 4.5 stars.

↑Zeeb of the day – Jerome & Khelani rocking the timeless B/W tees!

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