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Wacom Intuos4 Pen Tablet – unbox and review

Maybe more like an unbox and first look than a review. I’ve had this guy for about 2 weeks now and I don’t think I’ve had enough chances to thoroughly dissect all of its elements and bring out its full potential as a design tool.  Partly because this is my very first pen tablet device. Mouse has been my dominant tool of choice.

Ever since I started design back in the days, never had I considered myself as an illustrator. Doodle’s fun and all, but my main focus has always been graphic design – working around typography, composition, geometric shapes, and image editing. Until recently. The more shirt designs I produce, the more I’m stepping towards character development and illustration. Although I try to keep a range of various styles for my t-shirts, I can’t help but to focus around hand drawn sketches nowadays.

 Then one day, I decided to pull the trigger:

↑ almost a month ago, I asked you guys about recommendations on pen tablets. Wacom seems to be the way to go.

BAM – the Wacom Intuos4 Wireless Medium (the only size they offer with wireless) Tablet.

↑ Got this via Amazon. No tax and with the prime account (oooh yes), it was free 2 day shipping.

It was about $60 difference between the wired and wireless. I could’ve bought myself a really good shirt, decent jacket, or about 50 cheese burgers with the difference.

Yet, I chose the bluetooth version because..

Look at this shit.

I’ve had enough wire as it is. ALSO, I’ve tasted the sweetness of wireless products. 1.) the wireless keyboard Michelle got me over about 2 years ago has served me well. 2.) wireless mouse is awesome (too bad that one I have still needed an USB)

-I heard, with average use, the battery power can last up to about a week without charging.
-It also goes to sleep if left unused for 30 seconds to preserve battery life.

First look:

clean packaging. With the $300+ price tag, I expected nothing less.

McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it” campaign, anyone?

a basic wrapper around the most essential piece of this package. Too bad it doesn’t come with a padded sleeve/or pouch for the product. (like ones they provide for beats headphones)

Main content:

Personalize your pen with 4 different color rings (red, gray, white, and black)


Pen base:

Nibs. As oppose to an uniformed plastic tip like a stylus, wacom provides different tips(nibs) that allow users to draw with different texture. The stroke nib (white) provides a soft, brush-life feeling for the pen. The flex nib (white and black) has a soft, pencil like feel. The hard felt (gray) have a higher friction than the standard nib.

↑Reason they come in several is due to the fact that they do wear over time. Depending on usage.

The pens’ got 2048 pressure points fro best drawing simulation.

Two back slot things.

and lots of info:

Quick size reference:

↑ Contradicting with the measurement I have above, the working area is actually 8 x 5 inches versus the 8.8 x 5.5 inches of the cable-bound model.

Power switch, USB cable, and bluetooth on the side:

The tablet’s made out of 3 main textures: Glossy on the control panel.

↑..that’s prone to attract lots of dusts and fingerprints..

Then, there’s the matte for the rest and a special paper like texture for the main working area.

One of the best features for the intuos line:

↑The fully customizable quick keys, or “expresskeys” as they call it. They can be switched between different applications as well. So far, I have mine set up with “undo,” “save,” “option,” and “command” for photoshop.

The scroll wheel (touch sensitive like ones on iPods) also come in very handy as it helps zoom in/out, rotate canvas, change layers, and brush sizing.

The set up:

Gotta charge for first time use.

Orange as charging and green as fully charged.

Mind blower: You can use the back of the pen as an eraser for editing!

Now with every set up and ready to roll, I gave it a try and here’s the result: (everything was illustrated directly with the tabler.)

’til next gadget,
 -Benson|| Twitter || Facebook || 365. || Shop of Imagination ||


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