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Sorry. Thanks. Road Rage Reduction Project

..that if we all carry a sign behind our car that allow us to be more polite and sincere during one of those “merges/cuts” in front of other cars, it can significantly reduce road rage.

It made sense, so we went for it.

Cody’s the man who carried out this project.

It all started..

Massive amount of supplies.

After we got the stuff we needed, summer school started getting into the way..

And just with a blink of an eye…

Time flies.

Enable to switch between “Sorry” and “Thanks”, we needed a flick/control.

This is where all the magic happens.

Holes for the wire to go through.

To be visible and clear from far, yet fit the canvas with appropriate sizing, I chose Futura as the font type for this project.

Cut out.

Unfortunately, the beige couldn’t omit the light completely, so we painted the stenciled surface black.

Also the box black to fit the interior of my car.

Then, Fall quarter started..

Setting up the wire to the light boxes.



Considering how clumsy my driving is, this’d definitely reduce a significant amount of fingers I receive in the future. And perhaps gain a few extra smiles.

-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website


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