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Zeeb Character Limited Edition Prints—Design Process

zeebcharacter_makingof-1For those who aren’t familiar with Zeebs, they’re the mascots of Imaginary Zebra. I’ve been refining the style and the aesthetic of the characters since 2006, when Imaginary Zebra was solely a hobby that occupied me during down times:
Minor tweaks on the body proportion and structure, the main development was on the face (ouch). The original face was, supposedly, the result of the combination of letters “T”, “I”, and “Z”. Quite frankly, I was the only one noticing it. Hence, between 2011-2012, I omitted the what-I-thought-to-be one of the most iconic features of the character and added more realistic facial structures enabling me to really capture the essence of the characters.

I’ve developed quite a few sets of the Zeeb Characters in the past, ones of the more widely known are the Giants, 49ers, and Linsanity. This time around I decided to make some collectible prints of some of the most iconic figures of the time:zeebcharacter_makingof-3

Beyond the print itself, I’ve spent the last couple of months preparing all the necessary details for the package. zeebcharacter_makingof-11

To ensure the print’s authenticity, a hand labeled and sealed personal card will be included. zeebcharacter_makingof-9

The print itself will be individually numbered out of a set of 100 (may vary depending on the design). zeebcharacter_makingof-10


Some of the characters that will be available: zeebcharacter_makingof-14

I’ll also include a vintage frame that I’ve collected over the years to complement the print. Each will be chosen at random, and no two orders will have the same frame. And most of these frames have endured time, and are often used, so there may be wears and scuffs. I personally like the aesthetic and love how it builds character to the final piece. zeebcharacter_makingof-6





The prints are now available here.
Limited to 100 each, first come first served.

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  1. This is amazing. You think you’ll ever do the same thing with the 49ers, Giants, Sharks, or Warriors stuff you’ve previously done?

  2. any chance of the most recent Walter White with hair being produced? Would love to see the 4 stages of Walter through your work.

  3. Daily—Day1—Hot Italian, Ikea, WD My Passport — Imaginary Zebra™ // IZ™