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afterschoolspecial & DANakaDAN – Rebranding

I’ve worked with afterschoolspecial, an uprising band from Southern California, on a couple of items in the past, but this time I was given full control to rebrand the group for the next chapter of their career:

afterschoolspecial’s used as one single word. It’s quite long. Though, the abbreviation would shorten the phrase, it doesn’t lead the audience directly to the full identity of the band. So, we scraped that off our sketch book and finalized the logo with a type treatment for “afterschoolspecial.”

↑All lower case were chosen by the band to bring continuity from the old logo to the new. The lower case types also creates dynamics for the visual with its descenders and ascenders. The word’s contained in a box to the keep the phrase compact and drive audience’s attention to the word.

In detail, slight modifications of the type were added to off set the steady weight of the chosen font.


I was also asked to come up a logo for DANakaDAN, the leader singer of afterschoolspecial.

First met Dan a few years back at one of UCDavis’ events. With his signature rockstar charisma, it’s not difficult to have a strong impression of him. Just can’t seem to ignore this guy even if you try to. With that idea in mind, I designed an identity that’s bold, wild, and shouts personality.

↑Hand written font were chosen for its organic nature that well reflects the characteristics of Dan.

Though, I’ve experimented with various approaches before settling on the hand script concept:

↑All custom type faces for uniqueness. I’ve played with ambigrams and music device symbols.

..but most of which are too static, which doesn’t quite fit the image Dan perceives of himself.


Under the rebrand of afterschoolspecial and the identity design of DANakaDAN, a character of DAN was made to be used as the mascot of the band and future campaigns.

Given the specific suggestion of the “zeeb character” look, I came up with this:

Also, related icons were made for site and other applications:


↑Custom background for various media.

Business cards:


*afterschoolspecial: http://afterschoolspecialmusic.com/
*twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/DANakaDAN
*YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/afterschoolspecialsd
*facebook: https://www.facebook.com/afterschoolspecialBAND

’til the next project,
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