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New Media Rockstars – Logo Design Process

A recent project with New Media Rockstars – An online publication which aims to showcase current and rising creative minds in new media as well as to connect New Media to Mainstream Entertainment. They’ve worked with Mystery Guitar Man (YouTube Personality), KassemG (Comedian), David Choi (Musician, YouTube), Tay Zonday (YouTube Personality), David So (Comedian), Sean Rad (Founder of Ad.ly) and a shat load of incredible individuals.

I was approached by Melly and Benny, the founders of NMR, to come up with a logo from scratch. (I could never figure which one’s more difficult – invent or rebrand. ) Anyway, here’s the first step for all of my identity designs:

A.) Understand the company then C.) encompass the philosophy into a mark. I’m here to elaborate part B.

For New Media Rockstars, my approach was straightforward. The “rockstart” part of the the company’s title allows users/readers to create a visual reference. “New Media” may be slightly more abstract, which became the main challenge.

I researched a series of images that reflects the company for inspiration. Some of key words includes “future,” “digital,” “platform,” “tech,” “media,”  “news,” “rockstars,” “music”..etc.  

The most interesting step:

Time to put whatever I had in mind on paper. Often time,  what appears good on paper ain’t that cool looking when digitized. So I made sure I had enough options to play with before digitization.

Grids and pixels was chosen to express the digital media aspect of the company. Implementing with the font type without disturbing the balance can be tricky.

Ridding the bar from “A’s” creates a more futuristic look for the logo.

Inspired by the equalizers we see display on stereo dashboards, I merge it with the rock star hand gesture as the graphic icon for the company.

Final Design:

Providing the possibilities for the logo can be pretty entertaining.

They’ve recently launched the site. Click here to check out Mystery Guitar Man’s insight on new media.

’til the next logo,
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