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Cameraman Design Process—カメラマン設計プロセス (Nikon Edition)

Going at it for Round 2! Connor and I have teamed up again to collaborate on the 2nd set of cameraman, this time for the Nikon shooters out there. Cut right through the chase, here goes the design process!

After more than 3 months of planning and character design development, we’re ready for round 2: 
Canon version was our first collabo. For those of you that haven’t wrapped your head around the cameraman idea, yet, check here for the initial post.

Connor’s a self-taught photographer based out of Bellevue, Washington. A shot of some trees during a wedding in 2007 led to his endeavor to becoming a future Japan fashion street photographer(his dream). I’ve known this man through Rolo (dunksrnice), but we’ve never met. Yet, his passion’s apparent. His photo projects and portraits of fly whips and hot babes shows innovation, creativity, and character. Not only am I inspired, I’m jealous.

Cameraman collabo is to “create a super hero that is made of cameras/lenses etc.
Ladies: Cameraman is used in Japan by men and women to describe themselves as photographers! No gender bias here!

Keep it simple this time around: Less softdrink, more junkfood. I’m in no ways making myself any healthier.

To knock the Nikon version out of the park, I chose the top of the line items to piece this cameraman together:

The sketch process was a bit tricky. We need to keep the collection cohesive, while adding enough differences for this one to make sure either can stand on its own: Aside from the distinctive accent of the gold, a red cape was added because it’s badass.

Minor tweaks for better balance:


we modified the back design as well—simplicity’s the key.

When Canon camera was released, this happened:

Now available to pre-order here.
 Connor can be found here

’til next time,


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