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Elissa Alva x IZ—Design Process

Had the honor of collaborating with the one and only—Elissa Alva.
She’s a mother of a five year old, yet still managed to juggle her time between the role of a full time student and professional model. Not only is she one of the sexiest model I’ve seen, she’s one of the most loving mom and partner as well.

To begin the design, I started with the “Zeeb base” characters that I created:
Then, specify the individual features that are most pronounced: 070613_3

First draft came out decent, but the design still required refinement and a tint of dynamic to it:070613_4

With the help from MKP, her beloved fiancé (woot woot), we were able to finalize the design as follow: 070613_5

Changed up her pose as well, which I don’t usually do for my characters. 070613_6

The item is available in [tees070613_7

and [tanks070613_8

070613_9Now available to pre-order exclusively [here].

til next time,

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