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Empty Duck Digital—Design Process

I had the opportunity to work with Josh, the executive producer of Empty Duck Digital, to develop the corporate branding for his video production company.

Empty Duck Digital produces a wide spectrum of videos from highlight reels to feature documentaries with clients from bands, athletes, to corporations.  It’s important for us to create a mark that would be suitable across the various genre they offer.
The duck was a concept that Josh, the executive producer, had back in college. He decided to bring it back as he pursue his passion (one of many) and begin to start a video production business of his own.

The placement and structure of the video camera’s critical. Not only does it have to fit and balance well with the duck icon, it also has to preserve the clarity at a miniature scale.

A good look must also look good in single color. Empty_duck_digital_applications7

The business cards.Empty_duck_digital_applications9

Full design brief—[Here]
Empty Duck Digital: Website || Facebook

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