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For San Francisco | 49ers 2013 Edition—Design Process

*This is a design inspired by the SF 49ers, not an official product of 49ers.

About 11 months ago, Marvin & I came together for a series of apparel made in dedication to the outstanding performances of the San Francisco teams. We’re not sports fanatics, but we play our parts to root for our local teams. This season’s no different. 112013_2We’ve received phenomenal feedbacks from all the supporters last year. We hope to surpass our quality and keep up the momentum.

The core idea behind the apparel remains the same—we stand behind our teams.
Visually, we did make some relevant changes and include a few personal touches. 112013_3

The players have been placed more intuitively. (Thanks, Layne!)112013_4

My favorite part of this year’s design is our tributary back logo for Candlestick Park.  112013_5

Detail’s critical, so we also came up with a series of new neck labels. 112013_6

Available in 2 colors.112013_7
And 2 styles. 112013_8


The items are available to pre-order now till 11/25/13 11:59PM.
Shop here.

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