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NextShark Identity Design Process

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I had the pleasure of working with Benny, Founder of NewMediaRockstars, to design the identity for his latest project—NextShark, an online magazine dedicated to providing current news and resources for the young entrepreneurial mind.
Having a visual element in the brand name is an advantage. Audience would have an easier time recognize and recall the brand. Therefore, I leveraged on the shark to create a series of brand marks for the magazine.

It all starts with pen and paper to create a fundamental structure for the logo.
I often discover more ideas as I draw out my initial concepts.

Once I’m done with the sketches, I’d digitize my favorites—ones that have distinct style and direction. Though, they’re all catering towards the young tech and entrepreneurial audience, one may be more playful, and the other modern. I typically like to present all the possibilities to my client and discuss each of its potential.

Here’s the final mark: NextShark_application4

Scalability is crucial. NextShark_application5 NextShark_application6

Single color options:NextShark_application7

NextShark_application8 NextShark_application9 NextShark_application10
NextShark_application11 NextShark_application12 NextShark_application13 NextShark_application14


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