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Tough Mudder Team Jersey Design Process

Go big or go home. After spending $100+ a ticket to enter Tough Mudder, the team and I weren’t just going to show up to the event with plain tanks and shorts. To boost our spirits, 14 limited jerseys titled “The Toughest Cream Puffs You’ll Ever Meet” were made for the occasion.

We call ourselves Cream Puffs. Reason’s straight forward—we’re fragile and we bruise easily. But to prove that even cream puffs can complete the 12 mile obstacle course if we put our hearts into it, we decided to stick with the name. except tougher:

We’re cream puffs filled with cement, son. However, the original sketches of the cream puffs closely resemble meatballs…so research was needed to improve its aesthetics.

Quick research stage:

Rigid and textured surface is key. (They’re delicious.)

Cement truck—the enormous barrel like concrete mixer’s the clear indication of cement truck. Simple enough.

After 2nd and 3rd revision:

Push ups was difficult to portray, so I ended up having one of the cement puffs lifting dumbbells. Karate chop’s a must, so it stayed.

Digitized via illustrator CS4.

Each section was drawn out individually before pieces them into the final collage.


’til next design,


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