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Author: Benson C.

Happy Holidays—a photoshoot

Merry Christmas, fellow zeebs! Doggies are cute, but they’re even cuter with an outfit. I’ve had encounters with many dogs in the past, yet none as close or as intimate with these two—Shining and Mini. So, for the holiday season, I grabbed a few outfits

Weekend at Lake Tahoe

Took a short trip this past weekend to Tahoe—a much needed vacation. It’s been quite some time since I last skied or have quality family time. Plus, Michelle’s never seen snowfall (though, she’s seen snow), I was especially excited when I heard about the major

Bluetooth Bracelet/Watch by Mobile Fun—Product Review

This isn’t the most advanced gadget out there, but I sure feel hell of a lot more futuristic when using it. It’s the bluetooth enabled bracelet slash watch from MobileFun, leading online retailer for mobile friendly and innovative accessories. Cut right to the chase, here

ThinkTank Sling-O-Matic 10 Review

Flabbergasted when I received this package from ThinkTank! They’re a group of innovators striving to make the best carrying solutions for the photogs of all kinds and ages out there. They sent me the “Sling-O-Matic 10,” which is the smallest sling bag of the three

For San Francisco—Design Process

*This is not an official apparel for the San Francisco Giants. It is, however, a design inspired by the SF Giants. In 2010, Giants took it home. People (San Francisco people) went wild and the streets were covered by a sea of orange and black.

Less than 30 hours to go.

Less than 30 hours to go till we wrap up the pre-order session for our Cameraman tee. And this means two thing: 1.) For those that have pre-ordered (thanks for the support!) your shirt will be in production and delivered with 3-4 weeks! 2.) For

My DIY Standing Desk—The $22/$31 IKEA Hack

If I died from free-falling 120,000+ feet above the Earth, I’d die as a badass. If I died from saving a kid from a car crash, I’d die as a hero. And if I died from pursuing my dreams, I’d died as an inspiration. But

FAME 2012—Event Recap

F.A.M.E. stands for Fashion, Art, Music, and Exhibition. It’s a bi-annual event typically hosted in San Jose that gathers some of the best locally grown street wear brands and artists alike for a night of loud music, glamorous fashion show, and mad shopping spree. I’ve

The Making of—Miniature T-shirt

FAME‘s coming up. This time around I wanted to keep things simple and focus more on the display as oppose to the tabling setup. Michelle had a spark of creativity of a zeeb’d out sketch mannequin as part of the decor. GENIUS IDEA. Not only

New site’s now live

New site’s finally up and running. It’s the most minimalistic layout, yet. The design process will be out shortly. Gotta hit the sack. ’til next time,-Benson http://www.theimaginaryzebra.com

Tough Mudder Team Jersey Design Process

Go big or go home. After spending $100+ a ticket to enter Tough Mudder, the team and I weren’t just going to show up to the event with plain tanks and shorts. To boost our spirits, 14 limited jerseys titled “The Toughest Cream Puffs You’ll

Surviving Tough Mudder Diablo Grande 2012

“Probably the toughest event on the planet.” It’s a 10-12 miles obstacle course with 23-25 challenges along the way dedicated to tear the participants apart. Lured by the tagline, I invited 11 of my closest comrades to partake this hell of an event for self-recognition and

Rebranding…please hold

Imaginary Zebra is in the process of a rebranding. Shop is currently under construction. Sign up and we will keep you posted when the new site is ready. ↑ -Benson|| Twitter || Facebook || 365. || Shop of Imagination ||

Rebranding Sale – Tshirts $10-13, Sweaters $27

9/3/12 8PM PST to 9/10/12 1159PM PST.We’ll be reintroducing TIZ from ground zero, but first, let’s clear our warehouse for the new stuff.Limited stock, first come-first served. All items will be available here. -Benson|| Twitter || Facebook || 365. || Shop of Imagination ||

Minolta 50mm MD lens + Olympus EP2 M43rd!

Pardon the long title, wish I could be a bit more creative at naming this post without deviating too far from the topic. Anyway, I’ve wanted to try a SLR lens for a very long time, but have been hesitant due to 1.) the uncertainly of how


An unexpected trip to MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art.) A friend once told me the difference between art and design, where design focuses on problem solving (solution) and art revolves around expressing ideas (abstraction.) For most of the stuff I do, there’s always a reason for

DIY – Replace the DSLR LCD Window

I’m tired of ignoring the seagull like crack on my screen. And instead of paying a crap load to send it back to Canon or local shops for replacement, I looked up a few sites and felt confident that I could handle this myself (The

25th Annual NYMINI Collab Tee – Design Process

Working with New York Strangers Sports Organization (NYSSO) to come up with a design for the 25th annual NYMini volleyball tournament. It was an epic event with more 70 teams across the States and Canada competing for the title. “The New York Mini was inspired

Sightglass Coffee Roasters

Every once in a while, I’d come across shops or gadgets so well designed that it hurts too much not to share. Sightglass, a coffee bar & roastery, located south of Mission. and I don’t even drink coffee. 270 7th st, San Francisco. [Google Map.] The

I Photograph SF Series Design Process

A photography series for Plushtography. I heart NY was a mark created by Milton Glaser as an ad campaign to promote tourism for NYC back in 1970s. It swapped across the nation and soon became a pop culture icon that has many many imitations. Obviously,

Running the SF Half Marathon

Running a marathon has never been a goal of mine (too far fetched.) I must’ve been thinking with me knee when I signed up for Tough Mudder, a 12 miles obstacle course designed by British special force (badass,) that’s happening in Sept. In the downtime, Michelle

Vending at Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco

Two years ago in December, I had my first Renegade experience. It was my first encounter with the event of its kind – an enormous gathering of hand-made, crafty artists showcasing their phenomenal and creative products. The very event not only inspired me to create

Unique SF is a must go

..if you’re into free things, DIY crafts, and putting a face to a name you see on etsy.I’ve heard of Renegade, Bazaar Bizarre, Maker Faire, but this was my first encounter with Unique SF.Word on the street is that due to the high popularity of

Free $2 bills (stickers)

The same title attracted me, too. To your dismay, I’m not giving out these stickers, Casey Neistat (nice-tat) is. He’s a film maker (vlogs with characters and distinctive organic style), traveler, New Yorker, and DIYer whose got a show on HBO(Neistat brothers) with his brother. And this is

DIY Twin Lens Reflex – Recesky

The Toys-R-Us version of the classy hipster Rolleiflex cameras you see around. As much as I want to be cool with the authentic TLR, I simply can’t afford it ($300+ on Ebay?!) So instead, I snatched this one up from my trip to Taiwan, which

DIY Miniature Trash Cans

It was a quick and spontaneous project and it all started here:On my way back home from running errands, I stopped by a garage sale. I’ve been looking for a trash can large enough to serve as the recycle container for the house. Voila, I

Canonet struck again!

The feelings you get when you got your new toy. Except this toy’s 40 years old and able to capture moments in a fashion that no digital toy of its kind can. It’s been 3 days since I fixed this guy up and I’ve already

The Napa Trip – Peju, Artesa, Domaine Carneros

If you’re here to seek reviews of the wineries, you’re at the wrong place.I’ve tried a handful of wines in my lifetime, some extraordinarily expensive and others cheaper than common soft drinks, but most of the time I couldn’t tell the difference. I do, however,

My Canon Canonet QL17 G-III.

Along side with the Yashika Electro 35 rangefinder, this beauty has also been named by many as “The Poor Man’s Leica,” due to its high image quality, durability, and aesthetics.Quick history: A series of Canonets were produced by Canon between 1960-1972. The Canon Canonet QL17 G-III

My first experience in Beijing – Day 2

..because it’s never too late to continue blogging about the trip I took a month ago. Moving on, here goes Day 2. I slept early, thanks to jet lags. Consequently, I was able to experience the enjoyments of having breakfast, again. Except this breakfast wasn’t


— We interrupt this blog with an entry from fellow intern, Karen. — Last Saturday was Bobbi Vie’s bi-annual F.A.M.E. event. With Benson away on his month long trip to Asia, it was the interns turn to take on F.A.M.E. on our own. Actually, it was

My first experience in Beijing – Day 1

Like a tourist should, my first goal was to check all the iconic sights that have been publicized by travel agencies/tour guides. Beijing has its own story that stretched thousands of years back and most of the architectural structures I visited have been a major part