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Author: Benson C.

Up goes the photos Just in case you have not seen the enormous banner from the front page.————————————————————————————————–Spread the Zeeb. Spot the Zeeb Courtesy of Nestor and his friend who filmed this. again. The very last part of the show.————————————————————————————————–C.N.G.N.O.T -Benson http://www.theimaginaryzebra.com

The Buzz / The Imaginary Zebra Fashion Show. Phew, finally got it done.Many of you might have wondered.. why the “Zebra?”What was it exactly in a zebra that made it the fundamental animal for TIZ?Here’s why:There are a few characteristic of zebras that attracted me

More practice Days after days for the fashion show that’s coming up in…18 hours.I can guarantee the show will keep you out of your seats. When you drop by the show, make sure to look for a numbered flyer, lucky ones will win free shirts

Prepin’ 1st part of the upcoming photoshoot – Done.You’ll get a chance to view it in the close future. New shirt will drop exactly on October 1st. Also, a lot more prepin’ for the upcoming fashion show on September 26th, this coming Friday at UC

Sac State – Cap City Psi-Pher There was a bboy competition at Sacramento State University. The Imaginary Zebra dropped by to get a glance of the bay area bboys’ flamboyant tricks. Kevin and Tony kindly helped out at the jam.Michelle was busy behind the table.

Happy Birthday Kevin/Monkey Phobia Cheers for kevin’s 20th birthday! Aw, look how happy he was. Lego- Death Star II, a collector’s item.—————————————————————————————————————-A brief info about Death Star II:—————————————————————————————————————-Size: 160 Kilometers in diameterCrew:152,276 gunners, 485,560 general crew members, 1,295,950 troops, 127,570 stormtroopers, 75,860 starship support staff,

LEGO from the get go Before I start blabbering..I was at a city that people really should start learning how to bike around the blocks. Lego.It’s always been my favorite toy of all time. Pieces of blocks are the best medium for anyone to build

Disco at San Francisco. what? Saw Godzilla today.It looks much fragile in person. Still upper cut the guy.in public. This is Michelle. Don’t mess with her, she would not hesitate to smite you with her laser beam. Or choke you really hard.Would this be considered

Spread the Zeeb. Spot the Zeeb. As you may have already seen on the front page, an interactive world map is being placed in the center of it. It’s still under testing trials, but eventually, each Zeeb would be clickable and a corresponding picture of

Hell with HTML Henry,the comp wiz, dropped by today.It was quite a productive day.After hours of testing, problem solving, cursing, and site building, we eventually nailed it.So here it is, the launch of Cable Car Stars’ official website.The site is not completely finished, more content

Tint A brief instruction on how to tint, not your ordinary windows, but your reflectors. Those dam crooked, uneven surface reflectors. Enough said. First, prepare the following items for standard procedure.-Tint film. -Sponge. -Paper towel(lint free). -Blade. -Windex. -Soap water. -Tape.Optional, but recommended stuff: -A

Collect Imaginations Coming soon in late September. Patience is a virtue, yes? More details will be revealed shortly. ——————————————————————————————Help me solve a mystery. On my way back home, I spotted this car:As it seemed, the car was pretty suited up, but it was cruising a

Post Finals.It was a great way to completely screw up a person’s sleeping schedule.Anyways, the finals went decent. Check out the way my group and I studied.Notes taken on a box, so everyone can pick a side and review all at the same time. Ironically

Finals Season Seems like people like to take photos of sneakers. Here are some authentic sneakers that are worn out in specific ways that fit the movement of specific individuals. All sneakers are, to me, one of a kind. But yea, it is indeed the

Cafe Italia Gathered with my team(The A Team, inspired by the diverse group of heroes,) to discuss about our final project that was due the next day. No, it was not procrastination, rather, it was our enjoyment for the element of urgency. “Living on the

Got time? Spent a little time converting the old layout to the one you see now. With a brand new server, hopefully it’d be friendlier both on yours and my side. And just a simple announcement, if you had “theimaginaryzebra@yahoo.com” as our email address, please

Sole Diction Logo

A new logo I made for Sole Diction…——————————————————————————————————————————————– -Benson http://www.theimaginaryzebra.com

N35QU!K No no no, this guy is much better than milky chocolate or chocolate milk.He’s my favorite number plus exclamation mark. Can’t get any better than that. Went down to Vallejo today to meet up with this guy for some serious business. A car fanatic.“+10

Doing it BIG. With the OG tizPAT white. OG paint GxBOG paint Gold Sumo OGpaint PxPOG yxb Thanks to Photo Funia, who made all this possible. Oh, and the invention of photoshop. ——————————————————————————————————————————————–For our last poll I asked you guys to think about where you

Every pixel has a story. For those of you that don’t know Monkey Phobia, he’s a daily artist. He literally paints a pciture with MS paint everyday for the last 4 years. More than 1300 pictures were made, and of which about half were used


-Benson|| Twitter || the movement|| The Imaginary Zebra website